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Hey guys!

Christmas is almost here!

Something pretty awesome happened last night. I don’t know if any of you got to see the total lunar eclipse (not the movie), also on the same night as the winter solstice! According to ABC News, that hasn’t happened in 372 years! And it won’t happen again until 2094. So if any of you missed it, it was probably your only chance to see it live, in person. I missed it.. My friend was getting up to see it, so she called me at 3:10am to make sure I was up to see it as well. Well I walked around looking up at the sky and it was much to cloudy to see anything. I was too tired to wait to see if it cleared so I just went back to bed. I saw a high speed video of the whole thing this morning though, and it looked amazing.

Every year, the Saturday before Christmas, my mom’s side of the family all gets together to celebrate. We always eat tons of great food and play crazy games, but I think this year was my favorite game line-up. One of the games we played involved a pair of snow gloves, a die, a Santa hat, and a wrapped christmas present (covered in tape) wrapped inside another box (covered in tape) and wrapped inside ANOTHER box (covered in tape). Everyone playing stands in a circle. Whoever is first rolls the die. The idea is to roll a six. The first person that rolls a six puts on the Santa hat and the snow gloves and tries to dig into the present (no one knows there are more boxes to be opened). They can only try to get it opened until the next person rolls a six. Then that person takes the hat and gloves and box(es) and gives it a go. I didn’t win that game. But I was laughing the whole time and anyone looking for a game to play on Christmas should definitely play this one. I could explain our other games, but this blog would then be way too long. If someone would like more ideas for Christmas games, message me on Facebook and I would be glad to give you a couple more.

Well that’s it for me this week. I have a younger brother to destroy in Mario Kart.




  1. Heej.. it is 5am here.. I can’t sleep.. so thanks for giving me something fun to read XD. ~ lisette

  2. Merry Christmas Josh! I miss you guyses, and I can’t wait to see y’all in January! Love the game idea, btw, I’m gonna play it tomorrow! Thanks!

  3. Awesome blog! I missed.the eclipse as well! I hope I can find the vid somewhere! That’s awesome that you and your fam have awesome traditions! I’m Glad you had fun! (: Merry Christmas Josh! I hope it’s fantastic! 😀

  4. I wanted to see the eclipse, but sadly, it was too cloudy here as well. :[ but the pictures I’ve seen are incredible!! :] I love Christmas traditions…every year my family sits in our family room and watches all the Lord of the Rings extended edition movies, back to back. :] it takes almost two days, without stopping. my sister and I also duke it out on the mario kart. Merry Christmas!! :]

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