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Ello there mates!

I hope everyone has their wish lists in! Christmas is this week!!!… for those who never look at a calender of live under a rock. Not much happening from the past week. Quite a bit of family gatherings and last minute shopping. I hope you all enjoy the gift I got you. Its this thoughtful and thankful blog to all you supportive and loving friends, family and fans!

If you would like to buy us gifts we really like gift cards and hand knitted sweaters.

This is a very short blog but keep in mind, Philmont loves you all and if you received a holiday postcard know that it took us hours and sorry if yours was sloppy! We are truly thankful for all of you thanks for another great year!




  1. best gift ever, Bustin n_n
    Merry Christmas, Philmonts!

  2. We appreciate you guys tons more than y’all could know! Your music is rockin’ and definitely inspiring, so keep it up, don’t stop for a million years!
    And Merry Christmas… I’m 100% sure you all made the Nice List. đŸ™‚ (Except for maybe Scott. Haha!)

  3. My card is still in the air.. Or probably on a boat..I’m jealous at him,, haha..

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