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For most of you today means “six days till Christmas!” but to me it means the day after Christmas.
Every since I was a child my family celebrated Christmas a week early so that we could travel to see family over the actual holiday. Since I’ve grown up and gotten married that has remained the same. Now I celebrate Christmas with my family here in Charlotte and spend the actual holiday celebrating with my wife’s family down in Atlanta.
This weekend was a ton of fun. While it’s always nice to get presents I love to give presents– especially when I’ve found something that I know the other person will LOVE but has never thought to get themselves. I had a couple of these exchanges this year and it always makes me smile. Me and Britt got each other a joint gift this year–It’s called a slingbox. Basically it’s a box that you hook up to your tv, cable box or dvr and you can control and watch all of your DVRed shows and live TV from either your laptop via the internet or your iphone using 3G! It took me all day to get it set up but after 30 minutes on the phone with tech support I finally got it working! We travel so much that it’ll be nice to snuggle up in a strange bed, turn on the computer and watch the shows we love—it’ll almost be like being back at home…almost!
Another gift I’m stoked on that she got me is a copy of The Message Bible. Basically it’s the bible dumbed down to modern language. While I’ll always love the original version, it’ll be nice to read and easily understand what I’m reading. Josh has inspired me to start my own read-through-the-entire-bible-in-a-year quest. It will be my one and only New Year’s resolution an will start on Jan 1.
To cap off my exciting weekend I got to see my little nephew Talan baptized in church this morning! It’ll be cool to watch him grow up and to see God working in his life.
I hope you guys are all doing well. In your haste to finish your Christmas shopping don’t lose the real meaning of all of this. We’re celebrating the birth of our savior who came to die for our sins.
Merry Christmas!


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  1. Merry Christmas, Scott! I hope you and Britt have a great time with her family!

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