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Hi friends,

I do hope everyone has been doing well. All across the states the mighty Winter is sweeping through and the temperatures are freezing almost everywhere. Philmont just played our last show of 2010, it has been a good and trying year. We just got in from Florida where the temperatures were starting to drop and now that were back home its full on layers and coat weather.

Christmas time is personally my favorite time of the year. Usually I’m home for a good bit and able to see family and friends. This year we wont be out playing a New Years eve show, its like the first time in a couple of years I’ll be home to celebrate that. I hope everyone out there gets to spend quality time with close family and friends.

As you may have read Philmont was victorious during a real life basketball game. Its been quite a while since we have been challenged to such physical activity as a basketball game. To our surprise the game ended in a tie! Then we won it by 2 points in overtime. We were ecstatic. Philmont came together at the end just like the cliche underdog story and Josiah stretched out his long arm and in slow motion he slam dunked that basketball. Okay I made that last part up but that would have been real cool.

Well thats about It, Sorry for not posting this yesterday.. you guys are nice and pretty lenient, I appreciate that.

Keep rocking


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