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What an exhausting day!
Philmont strapped on our basketball attire (which mainly consists of our PJs and some vans) and got our b-ball on today.
We played basketball against a few other bands that were all part of a concert we played in Orlando this weekend.
While we’re not the most coordinated or athletic people in the world, we pushed through and did our best and came out with a win!
It’s was a pretty exciting game. After 4 quarters it was tied up and went into overtime. We came out ahead by two. The star player was Josiah Prince who discovered that if he posts his tall self up under the basket and waits for a pass he won’t have to dribble before sinking a layup. YEY HEIGHT!
We had a blast on this run. From snowy PA all the way down to sunny FL.
We even got a hook up for free Disney tickets one day! (well…me Britt and Josh did!)
We got park hopper passes and got to go to all four parks!
It was truly a great way to round out the year. Tomorrow we head back to Charlotte and are off until next year.
We crank up next year with a run out to Phoneix, AZ (Rage Fest) and will be joined for a couple of weeks by our friends Children 18:3 for “The Count of Monte CrisTOUR”! We’ve already started posting dates so if you’re in the area please come out and support us!
Time for me and my sore muscles to hit the hay!
until next week…



  1. Sounds like you boys had a grand time! I’m glad!

  2. My friend’s pretty good at basketball. His team’s full of really tall guys, so they always seem to do well.
    I haven’t listened to all of your songs, but I really like “Hello Jack” and “The Terminal”. One of my best friends made me a mix and he put those two songs on it! Do you ever come to Canada? (More specifically, Grande Prairie – Alberta?) (I suppose you get asked that a lot…but I was just wondering if it ever happens.) Have you met lots of other Christian bands? It’s cool that you got free tickets.

    • Glad you like the tunes, check out some more on iTunes! We played Canada for the first time this past summer, it was cool. Hopefully we will be back soon!


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