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Josiah Prince here. Just finished a show in Greenville SC, now heading down to (hopefully) sunny Florida for a few days. We are playing twice in Kissimmee (the correct pronunciation emphasizes the middle syllable, so I hear), then on Sunday we are participating in a basketball tournament with the other bands from the Saturday show, which I am personally looking forward to. I did, after all, start every game at center for the Lake Park Academy Eagles in 8th grade, averaging 20 points a game. Then again, that was roughly a decade ago (yikes!), but I still have a pretty adequate pair of court shoes, which could be the game-changer!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our live Steelroots concert on Tuesday night! It was really fun; everyone at Steelroots is super cool, including my super cool girlfriend, who recently started working full-time there!

So does anyone know yet who is going to be the villain in the new Dark Knight film? Apparently they have denied the idea that it is going to be the Riddler. Maybe they’ll throw us a curveball and make it a real-life villain, like Hitler or Bill Clinton or something. Batman vs. Hitler would be pretty sweet.

Every year around the holidays, my wonderful mother begins baking her wonderful cranberry orange bread in droves. And let me tell you, I eat it like it’s my job. The smell of this bread has become synonymous with Christmas for me, so it is a great Christmas-y feeling to walk into the house whenever a loaf has recently come out of the oven. My mom is awesome!

Well, we are in Burnie right now, driving through the night to FL, so I probably won’t get to post this until tomorrow sometime, but I hope you are all having a great December and getting all your shopping done!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Cannonball” by Damien Rice

2. “The Stand” by Monty Are I

3. “All Over the World” by Pixies




  1. Hooray for Christmas, Josiahiahiah. I love Christmas baking, it smells so good and stuff, tastes even better! I SUPER hope to see you guys in January at Birchman, it’s my old church! (I think I told Josh that too).

  2. Aww, I wish I could see the game!!! To tengo in partido de baloncesto en viernes. I’m a starter on my team, too….last game I had I scored 28. If you ever come to Michigan, you deffo have to play a game of bball against the people here. :] I like the idea of batman and Hitler….pahaha that’d be an interesting movie. Good luck on future shows, have fun in Florida, and Merry Christmas!! 😀

  3. I think that should be Yo juego baloncesto….what with it being a stem-changing verb and errything. Whatevs. Haha have a fantastic, WARM time in Florida!!! You should see if you can find one of those nifty orange groves with the guys with gloves. ;] haha!!!

    • You are incorrect. I was trying to say “I juice basketball”, and I succeeded. 🙂


  4. Ummm I had some of that bread… It was really good. Thanks for sharing even though you were not there to give me any so tell Josh I said thanks haha.

    Good stuff though!

  5. More cranberry bread waiting at home when you arrive…and pretzel rods ready for white chocolate…and sparkling cider…and presents under the tree! Love you, son!

  6. bahaha Josiah i can’t believe you put Bill Clinton and Hitler in the same context. that’s awesome.

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