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I’m writing to you from the warmth of my hotel bed in Erie, PA. I’m resisting my desire for breakfast as long as possible because- as the old Christmas carol goes- the weather outside is frightful! It’s been every snowy here during our brief visit to PA. On one hand it’s nice to see the white stuff for a change but on the other hand I don’t have a snowboard strapped to my feet so I’m not getting the proper use out of it! Side bar- I love, love, love to snowboard but seldom get to go because 1. we travel and 2. it’s insanely expensive! Big heads up to anyone who lives in a winter wonderland and has some sort of hook up. If you’ve ever wanted to spend the day with Philmont and have us all to yourself just hook us up with some free lift tickets and take us snowboarding! We’ll be at your disposal for at least a few hours! Heck, I’ll even serenade you while we rip up the slopes!
Luckily I don’t have to get too used to the snowy landscape as this little tour has us hanging out in Florida next weekend. We really get to visit both extremes as far as weather goes!

Something fun- Philmont has officially started filming a new music video. All I can tell you is that it’s a unique take on a live performance piece. For this video we’ll be filming our song “Closer” every night for the next several shows. To be a part of history (and to get a peak at what this video is all about) you need to come out to one of our upcoming shows!
I hope to have the video shot and edited and out there for your viewing pleasure by the beginning of February or the end of January!
If you’re nowhere near an upcoming show- think again! On Tuesday we’ll be playing a live streaming concert with Steelroots. Check the banner at the bottom of the page for details. Not 100% sure if we’ll be filming for the music video that night but in the event that we do, you don’t wanna miss it!

Philmont is getting into Christmas mode (we’re with those select few who wait till AFTER Thanksgiving to start prepping!) We filled up this year’s Christmas card list in record time! If you missed it, it’s because you weren’t on Facebook or Twitter at the right time! To avoid this in the future set as your home page and follow us on Twitter @PhilmontRock !
We wish we could send out more than just 100 cards. I wish that we could send one to everyone who wanted one but then it wouldn’t be special! Actually- the reason is that it’s expensive to get them made and to pay for postage so we have to limit our list :(.
Let’s pray that 2011 is a good year for Philmont and we can send more next year!
If you’re still looking to do some Christmas shopping feel free to stop by our merch store where you can get some nifty Philmont tees and a copy of our new EP- “The Transition EP”

One last Christmas announcement- our holiday song “It Never Snows (in Charlotte)” is currently streaming on our facebook page ( under the “Bandpage” tab) AND as a very special Christmas gift to you I have made it available for download! So go and get it and tell all of your friends! Please note that while the song is called “it never snows in charlotte” the song is about how “in never snows in Charlotte” ON CHRISTMAS DAY! Last year we got a flood of messages saying “guess you can’t sing that song anymore” every time the Queen City saw a flake! So now ya know! If it snows in Charlotte on Christmas day then you have my permission to fling insults my way!
Hope all is Merry and Bright!
See you at a show this week OR online via (details below)




  1. I’m SOOOO excited to see the new music video! You guys always make the BEST videos!

  2. It is true it is always snowy up here but I think if I were somewhere and it was December and I could see the grass I’d likely find that odd. It was fun getting to play the show with you guys on Saturday, good luck on your tour, have fun for those of us bands that can not go on the road.

  3. Love this song! Can you purchase it anywhere?

  4. Thanks for giving us the download, you guys. Now I don’t have to constantly rewind the RadioU Christmas Channel when I want to hear “It Never Snows in Charlotte” on repeat for half an hour!

    This is an actual thing that I do, because the song is that awesome.

  5. Amazing song!

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