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Hey everyone, I’m so sorry for not blogging last week and yesterday! Last week was thanksgiving and I was so busy I completely forgot! Yesterday, well, I was hunting all day and forgot again! My bad.

Anyways, A lot has happened since my last blog. The band made the epic journey from Seattle to Nashville safely, which I’m very thankful for! We had a show on the 20th in Nashville, at which time, I proposed to my now fiance’, Britt, from on stage during our set! She said yes thankfully, hahah. We’re both super stoked to get married and are already on our way planning the wedding. Its going to be on July 22, 2011. Who’s coming? haha I must say, I’ve had a tone of fun planning so far and can’t wait till the big day arrives!

I had a great thanksgiving! How was yours??
Britt and I drove to our hometown in PA and had a killer time seeing all of our families and eating entirely to much food! I’m actually still here because as of this past Monday, Deer season for rifle hunting is in! I’ve been waking up at 5:30am everyday this week in hopes of getting that trophy buck…..but I haven’t seen anything close to a trophy…haha Only Doe and babies! Its been soo cold here, like high of 23, but thankfully my dad built this insane tree stand that has seats and a kerosene heater in it…we are normally sweating by the end of the day! haha Tomorrow morning is the last time I’ll be able to go out before I join the band and head to FL so I’m hoping I see the big one tomorrow! If not, there’s always next year I guess! I’m going to try to go out when I get back to nashville, but not sure yet!

Well, I have to leave in about an hour to go meet up with the rest of the crew. We have a show in Pittsburgh tonight! I’m ready to get back at it and beat up some drums! We have a busy weekend/week ahead of us so be praying that everything goes smoothly! Oh, be sure to tune into for our live free concert stream December 7th!!



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