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Hello fine folks,

What a week I’ve had down in Orlando, Fl. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday and also Cyber Monday! I spent the week with my Fiance and her family going to all the parks around Disney. It was quite fun also a first for me. We hit all the major rides, some twice when we could. Im a roller coaster enthusiast. I love going fast and laughing a lot, its seriously the most important thing to know about me. We went on an airboat ride one morning out on a nearby lake to spot alligators but only found a nest of little ones. It was pretty rad, Elizabeth and I got to hold a little gator that was owned by a guy named Wild Willy, his name was Thunder, Elizabeth gave him a kiss… she is very brave. The ride was very cold and a little bit wet but we were seriously dried by the time returned because we went so fast.

Florida weather is so great you can wear shorts just about all year round. There was only one time we had to bust out the ponchos because of a down pour at the park, I bet Disney made a killing in ponch that afternoon. I had a bite of an 8 dollar turkey leg on Thanksgiving so maybe I didnt stuff myself this year, I still had some turk.

Philmont is preparing to head up north here in a couple of days for a few shows then we head back to Florida to do a couple of shows. We had a good break now its time to get back to it before Christmas time gets here before we know it.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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  1. That sounds fun! I read my paper on my little sister in Disney World in class yesterday. DW is awesome! 🙂 I absolutely hate rollercoasters. I hate anything that drops. I don’t mind fast, I don’t mind height. Just don’t drop me or make me plumit towards the earth.

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