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Hey there everyone! Well, I’m not gonna lie, the past few days have been pretty depressing. This started with the end of the Mixtape Revolution Tour: in Seattle on Sunday night we said goodbye to Kiros, Children 18:3, and the New Divide – with whom we had spent the past 3 1/2 weeks. I really enjoyed all the people on the tour, and hopefully we will see each other again soon. Anyway, after the show on Sunday night, we began the 30 hour drive to Topeka, KS, where we played tonight.

It took us three days to drive from Seattle to Topeka, and in those three days we saw not a ray of sunlight. Hopelessly dark and overcast days, mixed in with some rain and no small amount of relentless snow. We had to pull over last night because the snow was coming down so hard. Add to that the seemingly never-ending hills we encountered through most of the drive – a task that our bus Burnie was not quite up to; it got to the point where he couldn’t surpass 45mph going up inclines on the interstate, making the drive all that much longer. All in all, it was a lame three days.

LUCKY FOR US there was an amazing welcome party waiting for us in the form of our show tonight in Topeka. We arrived in terrible moods, but were soon elated to witness busloads of people entering the church once doors opened! Topeka was great to us last time we were here, and we had no doubt that it would be a good time again. But tonight was truly awesome; we played a 45-minute set to a small but packed-out room of high-energy kids who reciprocated every ounce of rock we put out, and then some! We ended the set with “Back Down”, but the deafening roar that ensued afterward left us no choice but to come back up and close out the night with (appropriately) “Closer”. We couldn’t have felt more blessed with the experience; thanks so much to all who came out and made it a special night!

Now, let me know where you stand on this because I’m curious – the other day, cooped up in my bunk, I felt the need for some holiday cheer, so I visited the Christmas music playlist on my iPod for the first time this year. It was great! I need to download some more of it, though – I’m missing a lot of classics. Anyway, am I jumping the gun on my yuletide mixtape? Or should I have already been roasting chestnuts on an open fire by now? My thought is: I’ve been away from home this whole month, and I’ve missed out on a lot of holiday season already. Next week is Thanksgiving, the day after which my family will be putting up our tree! Certainly I should be prepping myself with the Christmas spirit this week, right? Comment with your thoughts.

Now I feel the need to give a lecture on the different divisions of Christmas music, but then I remembered that I broke it all down last year in a blog post (check it out here to refresh yourself). I did finish my Christmas list this week though! That’s exciting!

We’re heading the Nashville tomorrow, where I will see my girlfriend for the first time in like, forever! Well, I’m leaving now. I’ve got some internet to catch up on. Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Alexithymia” by Anberlin

2. “Endless Day” by Wavorly

3. “New Medicine” by Dead Poetic




  1. I start listening to Christmas music in October. I start playing it (on piano) then also, so I’m ready for my recital. You’re definitely not too early, or late!!!

  2. It’s never too early to listen to Christmas music, especially if it’s Family Force 5’s Christmas Pageant!! 🙂

  3. It’s always a bummer leaving something exciting like a tour, or a family get-together, camp, etc, or (in my case) mission meetings. You go from the ‘high’ to a crash. Ah gee…
    Poor Burnie, glad you guys made it through all that snow. Was praying for you! Super super glad that Topeka made up for the terrible weather! Awesome to hear!!
    And, it’s never to early to listen to Christmas music. I usually get in a Christmas mood in the middle of the year, around June/July. But usually, because there’s no real Thanksgiving music, I just start listening Christmas music around the end of October… 🙂

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