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Tour has been amazing. Today we are playing the final show of The Mixtape Revolution tour in Seattle, WA then it’s the loooooong drive home to Charlotte, NC (with a quick stop in Topeka and Nashville). I’ve had an exceptionally amazing week. During our time off in Capitola me and my wife Britt decided to ditch the guys and take a little vacation. We stayed in Monterrey, CA for three nights and got to spend a few days together–just the two of us. The highlight was definitely seeing a whole bunch of sea lions! They’re one of Britt’s favorite animals so it was super cool to see them in the wild close enough to touch. Here’s a picture:

I heard a pretty great podcast by the pastor Joel Osteen the other day while taking my turn at the wheel. He was talking about how we, as believers, should act when faced with opposition. The way we react to our problems often has a greater effect than the problem itself. Do you let what one person says ruin your entire day? When you see an obstacle in the way do you stand, stare and worry about it or tackle it and move on? Joel challenged me with this idea: Do you let God know how big your problems are or do you let your problems know how big your God is? So often you’ll find that God will turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones if you just trust him.
As many of you may know Philmont has adopted the rhino as sort of our band symbol. This is pulled from an illustration that pastor Erwin McManus uses in one of his books. He talks about how Rhinos run at 30 miles an hour but can only see 30 feet in front of them. When they charge forward (especially in groups or in a “crash”) they are one of the most dangerous animals around. This is how we should behave in our faith walk– boldly charging forward without worrying about what’s at 31 feet. God is good all the time. Let’s charge forward and trust that he’s far bigger than any of our problems.

No video blog for you guys this week but here’s another installment of the song-by-song videos from the new EP. As you know The Transition EP is available on iTunes as well as on our merch store
This weeks video covers the song “Ringing in My Head”




  1. I’m glad you and Britt had a great time! That’s awesome that you guys are already done with the tour and are going home! Drive safe. I am praying for you guys are you all grow stronger in God.

  2. never heard the story behind the rhino before. i love it!
    God bless!

  3. Haha, cool that you and Britt got some time to yourselves. That’s always nice! 🙂 And cool to hear about how you guys decided on a Rhino…didn’t know that. I’m loving these behind-the-song videos!

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