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Hey Everyone,
Hangin’ out waiting for our show in Seattle to begin. Sorry for the late blog. As always, no internet! haha Had some amazing time off in Santa Cruz, CA area. It was some much needed time off! We have 3 more shows left on this tour with Kiros, then we begin our journey back to the east with stops in Kansas and Tennessee. Please pray for safe travels, its going be a long trip and may encounter some snow in the mountains. I had a great time getting to know everyone on this tour and Im stoked about the new friends I’ve made. Always cool.

So, I am now playing for a new drum company called Avenue Custom Drums. If your a drummer, be sure to check these guys out! The quality of the kits are amazing and I really hope more people hear about them! I’m also working on a cymbal deal right now so please pray that things go well with that because cymbals are not cheap and break them way too often! haha.

Other than that, not a whole lot new going on! Just stoked to be going home soon and ready for thanksgiving! Can’t wait to spend time with family and friends! Not stoked about the snow in Pennsylvania though….

until next time….



  1. I’m in love w/ JESUS. I was @ the fresno show. I go to church w/ some of the guys from 8 souls,I know that they couldn’t afford me so I did the shoot free to help them out. My son Kasey is a huge fan so I took him along to see you guys. I was there anyway so I took about 50 shots of the band. I believe in your message so if it would help you guys out you can have them for free…just keep spreading the savlation message πŸ™‚ now I’m a fan too!!

  2. Hey how is your wrist doing Jeremi? I hope it got better, ’cause I didn’t hear about it.
    Have a good time at home! πŸ˜€ Have fun with your family!

  3. I got into a bunch of snow in Minneapolis last week, it’s fun, but not if you have to travel in it. 😦

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