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Hello gang!

I sit here in beautiful Capitola, California. Its getting a little chilly outside, which im always happy to throw on some extra layers. It only gets colder from here too, in a few days we head up north to Seattle. So I know for sure I will bust out my coat for those days.

Yes, DisneyLand was fantastic. Josh, Josiah and myself took off to California Adventure first and hit the famous Tower of Terror!! It was awesome and inspired me to start watching the old 1950s “Twilight Zone” series. We next got into the DisneyLand park and went straight to Space Mountain! We ended up riding that twice. It was such a great day. Actually when I return home in a couple of weeks myself and my fiance and her family are going to Disney World! Which is the 1st happiest place on earth. We will be going for Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for.

The rest of the tour is strung across Cali for a few days. We are retreating in Capitola which is near Santa Cruz, until Thursday. I already miss the entire gang.

I hope everyone has a great week!


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  1. LOVE Twilight Zone…but it’s also a little scary, some of them just get in your head!

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