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*Note…I wrote this blog on Saturday but waited till today to post so I could include the videos!

If Disney World is the most magical place on earth then Disney Land must have been a close second! We spent the evening there last night and it was…well…magical! A friend of a friend was able to bless us in a huge way by getting us all free tickets to the park! We ripped through some Disney-themed rides and roller coasters then caught an amazing fireworks show at the end of the night. Just being there made me feel like a little kid again. I’m sure the other guys are itching to include their Disney adventures in their blogs along with some pictures so I’ll digress.

I have another blog video for you kids! Man, I’m so on top of these things!
This footage is from our adventures at Steelroots a couple of weeks ago.

Also, as promised, I’ve included a “behind the song” video On a song from the new EP. This week its “The Alchemist”. You can sample the track on, download the record at iTunes or buy a physical copy of “The Transition EP” at our merch store ( while you’re there why not pick up a tshirt?! Christmas is just around the corner and our tees make great gifts!
Enjoy the videos- I’ll talk at ya next week!



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  1. Never been to Disney World or Disney Land, but I would love to go sometime! 🙂 Thanks for all the videos, Scott!

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