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Hey lovely lovely people,

I come to you a smelly, sore, tired young gentleman. Philmont is staying at our loving friends or like family to us, the Vande Kamps in Arizona. Today we spent time at Arizona Mills mall and hooked up with our pals Jordan and Jon Montoya from the Stellar Kart camp. I found some 15 dollar Vans, heck yeah! So ever since we got back, we have been riding bikes and skateboarding all around the neighborhood. We set up some ramps and went back into our highschool days. Eventually we made it over to a nice concrete skatepark. Let me tell you guys, we amaze ourselves on how were able to avoid accidents and hurting ourselves. So now I sit here awaiting a shower typing to you lovely folks.

I cant wait to meet back up with the Children and Kiros gang. Kiros’ bus had an accident early so please pray for them and that it gets taken care of.

Well its my turn to take over the bathroom! See you guys on the flip. Come out to a show near you!



  1. $15 Vans?! Lucky!

  2. Gotta love it that you blog when you can. 😉 Thanks for the update, Justin!! I’m amazed that with all my roadtrips, the worst thing that has happened yet is the driver side mirror falling off. God has definitely been watching over us! Praying that all of you on the tour stay safe!!

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