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Hey guys!

I write to you today from Phoenix, Arizona.

We are currently taking part in my first tour with Philmont ever and I’m having such a good time. We’re out on the road with The New Divide, Children 18:3, and Kiros. We’re getting along so well with everyone involved, all the guys and girls on this tour are some of the coolest people I’ve met. If you aren’t familiar with any of these bands I encourage you to look them up and give them a listen.

We have a few days off and are spending some time staying with some friends of ours here in Phoenix. Jo, Justin, and I all just came back inside a few minutes ago from their hottub, where we had great conversations about astronomy and conspiracy theories of corrupt government. We also got to squeeze in a few rounds of Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros Wii… Both excellent games.

As much as we love being on this tour and hanging out with our new friends, we’re still looking forward to these few days off relaxing and catching up on sleep for the remaining dates. AND some potentially good news that I won’t write about until we figure out if it’s definite. But just thinking about it makes me happy.

I’m sorry I skipped out on you guys last week, I have no excuse.
See you next week!


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  1. I saw part of Children 18:3’s set back in September at Lifelight in South Dakota. Granted, we were running around trying to find Seabird, so we didn’t stay terribly long. But I will be sure to look up all of your touring buddies.

    Ahaha, astronomy and conspiracy theories of corrupt government…what awesome topics!! And none of you were homeschooled? Talking about games, my brothers have been asking me for more than a year to play World of Warcraft with them, finally they said they would pay for my account. I then decided that it must be really important to them if they’re gonna pay for me, so I’ve started playing. It’s…interesting. 🙂

    Hmmm…good news? What?

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