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Happy Halloween everyone. Well, actually it’s 40 minutes into November so I guess I’d better say, “Happy November everyone!”
As a very special Happy November treat to you I’m including two videos for your viewing pleasure on my blog this week.
The first is some old road footage that I finally got cut into video blog #4.
The second continues our song by song series of “The Transition EP” songs. This week’s song is “You Will Remain”.
You can get the full ep on itunes or buy it at our merch store:

I’ve been working hard at locking down a bunch of upcoming shows. You can always see those on or (NEW) (under the “Bandpage” tab).

Tour has been going smashing (britt is sitting next to me listening to a UK radio show via the web) so far. Such a great group of guys and girls! I’m stoked to be out stomping the west coast with them!

Enjoy the videos!
See ya next week!



One Comment

  1. Haha. Justin under the table. I was cracking up . And hey, you can see my feet and my bag! Albeit, most of the time, I’m a blur. LOVE of course, the whole vlog, I’m sure you had tons of footage to go through. 😉 The new EP is swell, I’m loving all the songs!! My favorite is probably ‘Closer’ though, reminds me of my mom. Thanks for the videos, Scott!

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