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Hello gang!

So Philmont right now is out in Oklahoma on the Mix Tape Revolution Tour with our new and loving friends Kiros and Children18:3. Were having a blast, its been so fun meeting all these great guys and gals.

Every evening we have a bible study/ devotional and play a few worship tunes on the acoustic. Its great, also we do hardcore ab ripper exercises to try and keep in shape. I hope this routine sticks!

In Justin news, some of you may know I proposed to my lady of almost 5 years last week. Its exciting to start this next chapter of my life as a fiance. That word is just weird and some people may enjoy it but I think im going to stick to calling her my lady. Were not planning on getting hitched anytime soon. Ill be sure to let you all know when the wedding is and where you can send gifts like candy, puppies and a place to live ( most importantly) 🙂 Her and I met in highschool, and started dating so that makes us highschool sweethearts right? Time has flown since then, it seriously feels like I asked her out last year. Shes a great gal and can not wait to see what God has planned in our lives.

I know this is more than a few days late, I apologize. Trying to find time to blog and not goof off with our new pals is hard to do. We truly are happy and blessed to be out with this group of people. Every night is just a good time and everyone is there for each other and its just great fellowship.

Goodnight everyone, have a safe Halloween!!!Photobucket



  1. Hooray Justin, awesome job! (I agree with the whole “fiance” wording… good thinkin’ on your part.) I hope y’all are having a great time on tour.

  2. The bible study and exercises sound like it’s making this tour super interesting. 😉 Congrats for you and Elizabeth! I think (from a girl’s perspective) it’s a little cooler to call her your lady, than your fiance. 😉
    Have fun on the tour and praying for all of you!

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