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“The Transition EP” Lyrics

The EP opener, “ I Am” is a celebration of renewal in Christ. Despite all the struggles and flaws that often hold us back from living a blameless life, we are new creatures in His love; and through His grace we can realize our full spiritual potential. This song contrasts our shortcomings – as seen through our eyes – with our destiny as part of God’s plan.

I am a fuse lit burn and glow so you’d better get away
if you can’t defuse I will explode look at this mess I’ve made
I am the hero I am the snake caught in both lives
look past the fangs and just see the cape we’ll pretend that it’s alright
but you see who I am
underneath it all

I am redemption I am whole
I am a tragic wreck made perfect by a love I can’t control
I am determined to be defined by my hits not just my misses
stand up tall and say that this is who I am
I am addiction wrapped in a blanket of self control that’s worn so thin and tattered that the air seeps through the holes
I am admission to a history of falling short
a past that’s held me captive from accepting I am yours
but I am yours underneath
I am perfectly created with imperfect operation
I’m sure to steer myself somewhere that I do not belong
I am perfectly created with imperfect operation
I’ll put my hope in grace and know I’m never too far gone

this is my redemption
my reward
I am a tragic Wreck made perfect by a love I don’t deserve

This song is a testament to God’s infinite and divine nature, a realization that the only thing in life that matters is that which is permanent and unfailing. Despite what we so often tell ourselves, our troubles, our possessions, and our achievements on Earth are but fleeting glances in the eternal scope. The kingdom of heaven is close at hand, and this song is an imploration to spend your time down here focused on the things above! “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away.” – Matthew 24:35 (NIV)

I’ve put stock in things now vanishing invested time and energy
this fleeting world it flies by too soon
and I’ve focused on the past alas it seems these things weren’t built to last
I watch them fall and crumble next to you

the burdens that we carry are all temporary
photographs and memories will fade
the storms we’re left to weather will not last forever
when all is said and done you will remain

we’re passengers transitioning from highs to lows and in between
exhausted by the search it seems we’re spent
to dwell to keep it in my mind ensures that I’d be left behind
confused by life and asking where it went

consistently you’ve shown consistency
in a world where ever-changing means that nothing’s here to stay
still you remain

and when the lights finally fade
we’ll find ourselves standing face to face
with things that I’ve gripped tight and hoped to save
your hand is clenched in mine to do the same

“The Alchemist” is written as a metaphorical debate for creation. The song’s protagonist sets out to disprove creationism by showing that through science we have the potential to create and recreate the world around us (alchemy is, by definition, the practice of turning ordinary objects to gold). The first-person narrative follows our scientist as he struggles with research and calculations that point toward a solution he did not intend to find. He finally bows to the evidence, and confesses his conversion to believing in a higher power. The bottom line here is that mankind is the created, not the creator.

the problem is the alchemy
it just might be the death of me
cause I know that I’m stuck but I’m not giving up that easy
I know there’s got to be a way to mix these things and somehow make the perfect recipe
There simply has to be
for years I’ve been a scientist respected and esteemed
this lab became my home
these formulas are my family
when I’m sought out to find a cause it simply means one thing
failure’s not allowed
the truth will be revealed to me

I’ve found the answer
it’s not what I was searching for– no

it seems science can’t explain
in full detail everything to me
my work has been in vain
there’s no way to replicate these things

The evidence is on my desk and strewn about my lab
but there’s no cause to this effect something everything should have
now I retreat accept defeat
admit that I’m a fool
for ever trying to explain the unexplainable

what am I supposed to say
shall I tell them all to live by faith
and stand there as they laugh right in my face
there’s no system there’s no method here and that’s not the way we operate

This song is about hearing the literal and figurative voice of God. Unfortunately, we (Christians) sometimes tend to follow our own ideas and plans without seeking God’s will beforehand. This can often lead us to places where we feel lost, confused, and weary; this is when we realize that we haven’t been heeding the Lord’s call. This song encourages the listener to pursue an active dialogue with God and constantly listen for His words.

Staring at the bedroom ceiling
wondering if I’ll start dreaming
but my doubts and fears won’t let me be
these questions burn I toss and turn in hope of finding peace

your words keep ringing through my head
calling me
calling me
I feel the weight of what you’ve said
come to me
come to me and you’ll find rest

I love to talk but I hate to listen
I wanna move but I need direction
this endless search for answers
has torn me down and now I’ve found
it’s leading back to you

the echo of your voice
breaking through the noise
I am listening
I am listening

“Closer” is a reflection on the value of life. The lyrics, penned by singer Scott Taube, are divided into two parts. The first half of the song depicts Taube’s emotions during his grandmother’s long battle with cancer (to which she eventually succumbed) – illustrating the pain and sadness he endured during that time. The second half, built upon the feelings described in the first, takes a step back to look at life in general. Here we find Taube’s realization that a lifespan is indeed fleeting, but is never meaningless – the choices you make and the life you lead on Earth have an eternal effect, and should not be taken lightly. In the end, a resolution is made to live a life dedicated fully to Christ and sharing His love.

They have calculated outcomes we just pray the numbers lied
it’s all calm here on the surface but a war rages inside
and she lays still tonight

pull me closer while I count the days
until I see your face
until I look into your eyes
when I’m tired you can carry me
until I see your face
until I look into your eyes

we can fire back
another plan of attack
something to tip the scales in our favor again
if we’re expecting less
we just allow the glass to drain empty through the cracks in the bottom
and wash away
don’t wash away tonight

this is life
and I am passing through
but this world has been caught lying about what it is I’m here to do
this is life
it’s mine to waste or use
but it’s time that I decided
it’s time for me to choose
cause who am I
that you would die to prove
that the worthless are all worth it
the curse has been removed
so this is life
and though I’m passing through
I wanna live as if I’m dying
dying to get close to you

“The Last Song I Sing” is an expression of love. This can be interpreted as love for God, or love for another person, but the message is the same – sometimes we don’t audibly speak our love often enough. In any relationship, with people or with God, it is easy to get caught up talking about/focusing on yourself and your issues. This song urges listeners to think about what is really important in such relationships, and what you would say if you knew it would be the last phrase you would ever speak to that person. “If this is the last song that I sing, I want it to say ‘I love you’”.

I’ve been thinking lately how time keeps moving on
can’t believe the summer’s come and gone
I’d hate to think I’ve wasted chances to convey
what we both know but I don’t always say
and I just need to know you’re listening

if this is the last song that I sing
let it be honest
let it be true
if this is the last song that I sing
I want it to say I love you
I love you

seems our time together is easily consumed
listening to everything that I’ve been going through
I’m so tired of the thief that I’ve become
I’m ready now to change my ways
sorry that it took so long
in everything I know you’re listening

The Transition EP” is available for download on iTunes or you can purchase a physical copy at



  1. I really would just like to thank Philmont for letting God use them cause through there music God has shown me so much. so thank you

  2. Thanks SO much for posting these, guys! LOVE the new EP!

  3. Added these lyrics to the NRT database. Hope you guys are doing well. Check it out here.

  4. Thanks for the lyrics 🙂 Hey BTW it’s interesting you guys have a song on alchemy. Did you know it went further than just changing things into gold? What many alchemists were trying to do is make mortal beings IMMORTAL. That was their big goal. Sad, isn’t it? They could have been immortal with just ONE heartfelt prayer….

    • I think that’s where the lines, “I’ve found the answer/It’s not what I was searching for” comes frome. 🙂

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