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This week has been so crazy for me! Me and Britt have been to the Post Office so much there’s talk of us getting our own reserved parking space! We’ve been busy packaging up and mailing off all of the Backer Rewards for our Kickstarter campaign. Everything is in the mail now (except for the tee shirts which have been ordered and will get to us in about a week).
This week I got to revert back to my childhood days and carve a pumpkin. Instead of the standard triangle-eyed, jack-o-lantern face, I decided to snap a picture of me and Jeremi, tweak it in Photoshop and transfer our handsome mugs to the canvas. I was stoked with the results! Sure Jeremi may look a little like Conan O’Brien and I look like an anime character but it’s pretty close! Here’s what the progression looked like:

We leave in three short hours for tour and I have yet to pack! Nothing like waiting till the last minute to pack for a month long trip to ensure that I forget some crucial item like underwear or socks! Time for me to get to packing but first I leave you with this. As you know Philmont’s latest release “The Transition EP” is available now on iTunes and at our merch store:
To help you dive into the new EP I’m going to be releasing a new video every week about the meaning behind a song on that EP.
This week’s video covers track 1, “I Am”.
Enjoy kid-os and I’ll chat atcha next week.




  1. Can’t wait to get my CD in the mail.

  2. HOLY COW, THAT IS SO SO SO AWESOME!!!! Those are the best pumpkins I’ve ever seen ever!
    I’m super stoked about the EP. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the video, Scott 🙂

  4. The new EP is awesome! My favorite at the moment is “You Will Remain”. (I’d actually love to have it as a ringtone.)

    And that jack-o-lantern is amazing! You guys gained at least 1,000 cool points for that alone. Great idea; now my roommate and I might try this out. 🙂

  5. 0.o now we want to see your halloween costume:3

  6. That jack-o-lantern is pretty amazing!! I’ve never done one. There aren’t pumpkins in the Philippines. Huzzah for last minute packing!!!! AND I’m loving the new EP!!!!! My favorite is probably Closer.

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