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Sorry this is late, Scott and I have been so busy working this week that I actually didn’t even realize what day it was yesterday! Well, like I said, I’ve been working with Scott all week, cleaning cabinets and doing a bit of lawn work. Its nice to get a pay check so I’m not gonna complain about having to wake up at 7am everyday this week! hahah Other than that, I’ve been working pretty hard on booking some shows for Philmont back in my stompin’ grounds of PA! So far I’ve got one locked down and waiting to confirm the other today! We in Philmont have rehearsal today for our tour with Children 18:3 and kiros, as well as our Steelroots live event that we will be a part of saturday! Be sure to tune in to the event here Also, I’m sure you’ve heard, but I’ll say it anyways, the Transition E.P. is up on iTunes right now! Be sure to purchase it and leave a review! Other than that, not a whole lot going on! I promise I’ll have more to talk about next week!



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  1. thanks for the update, JRMZ!

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