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I hope you know this by now: OUR NEW EP IS AVAILABLE!!
Click here to check it out on iTunes!!

So, call me what you will, but….I freakin’ lost it tonight while watching The Time Traveler’s Wife. Let me set this up for you: I do not cry. This is mainly because I do not get sad – I am a very optimistic and happy person. In real life, I am one to just shrug it off or look on the bright side. But occasionally, and I mean on rare occasion, there will be a song or a movie or an episode of a TV show that just gets me going. Tonight was one of those nights. Granted, I held back enough to keep from loudly sobbing, but let’s just say the dam was springing leaks left and right. I say all this to say: it was a good movie.

Well, this is an exciting week in Philmont land. You obviously know about the EP, but add on to that: we are playing a show on Saturday that will be streaming LIVE online for anyone to see, then on Sunday we leave for almost an entire month of solid touring! We haven’t been on a long tour like this in quite a while, and we are stoked to get out to the Southwest / West Coast with Kiros, Children 18:3, and The New Divide. Add on to THAT: our very own Justin Sams asked his girlfriend the big question the other night, and she said yes! Then, with the knowledge that she was in fact a Republican, he asked her to marry him!! And she said yes to that too! Big ups to the two of them.

The tough part about leaving for a month is packing! Especially in this transitional season of some hot days and lots of frigid nights, it’s hard to figure out exactly what I’m gonna need. I guess the best thing to do is prepare for the worst of both worlds…

One thing I AM stoked about is the bike that I got just in time for tour! My girlfriend found me a sweet Schwinn at Goodwill, and now thanks to her I am finally part of the Philmont bike club. I feel like North Carolina in 1861!!… know….NC was the last state to secede from the Union…..come on guys….eh forget it….

Welpst, we gotz practice on Friday to lock down our setlist(s) for the live online show at Steelroots, and for The Mixtape Revolution Tour! Good times! Hope you all have a merry week.

Three Songs One EP to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. The Transition EP by Philmont




  1. HUUZAH Justin and Elizabeth! I’m so excited about that! Congratulations are DEFINITELY in order! I’m stoked about the EP, gonna be the BOMB when I hear it. Be careful on tour, guyses!
    *Don’t worry, guys can stand to cry sometimes too. 🙂

  2. That is surely a great movie:p
    To Justin: Congratulations:)

    new EP is awesome:)

  3. Josiah!! I tweeted you about this, but I can’t repeat enough. Time Traveler’s Wife on AUDIOBOOK made me cry! In my office! Goodness. Well now I can’t wait to watch the movie.

    Congrats to Justin and Elizabeth! Ha, good thing he made sure she was Republican first… 😉

    Aaah, packing is always such a hassle! But I prefer that, to unpacking. And yes, I got the reference to NC in 1861! Homeschooler…

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