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Wanna see a Philmont show from your home next weekend?? Well, we are gonna be playing an event for Steelroots [Oct 23rd] that will be streaming LIVE online [anyone in the Charlotte area, or SC, you can attend the actual event for free! So come hang!] All the info can be found here:

Well so far the month of October has been pretty good to me. It is getting gradually cooler here in NC, but I find myself over-anticipating the chilliness without good reason – yesterday I got up and put on jeans, shoes, and a hoodie to go out; once I got outside I realized that it was 88 degrees and sunny. So I guess I can stand a few more weeks of shorts and flip flops.

Exciting: next time I blog, THE TRANSITION EP will have released and will be available to all of you!! So next week’s blog is gonna be all about that!! But for now, don’t forget to get it on iTunes next Tuesday the 19th!

Now for the cool, informative part of the blog. For anyone interested in the future and technology (either/or, really) here is a sweet video that my mom showed me about, potentially, the future of roads – that’s right, the pavement that you drive on every day (for now). Check it out.

Pretty crazy stuff right? Imagine how quiet the roads would be, not to mention better for your tires. If any of you have seen any cool technology articles or videos, please share a link!

Philmont is super excited to be going out on tour in a few weeks with Kiros, Children 18:3, and The New Divide. It looks like it’s going to be a busy 3 weeks of touring! Lots of new dates have come in – we will be in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, California, Oregon, and Washington! Go check out the dates on our Myspace or iLike pages!

Have a fantastic week! Get pumped for THE TRANSITION EP!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “You Must Be Out of Your Mind” by The Magnetic Fields

2. “Sleep Well” by Mae

3. “Trompe Le Monde” by Pixies




  1. I’m PUMPED for the new EP and for cold weather and hoodies!!! Hooray!!!

  2. Just as a note, the iLike link doesn’t work. It’s actually:

    Sorry, just haaaaaad to point that out, Josiah 😉 lol GBU

  3. I was in Illinois on Saturday. IT WAS COLD!!! But it was nice to wear hoodies and jackets and stuff. 😀 Technology is pretty fascinating. I’ve always been interested in seeing where it will go.

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