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Hangin’ here bright and early in Nashville, listenin’ to some amazing country jams and playing some acoustic guitar….what has this town done to me!?! haha Its a beautiful morning here! A little chilly, but the sun is pokin’ out and its going to be a gorgeous day! Had a great last few days here. My parents and little bro are in town so I’ve been hanging with them a lot! Its been great seeing them and spending time together! Anyways, we in Philmont had a great show in Naperville, IL Saturday! I got to see some friends of mine from the Chicago area and hang out which was great! We got back to Charlotte on Monday and I came back to Nashville for a few days off. We are heading out Saturday for a show in Virginia Beach and I hope to see a bunch of you there! I’d like to add that on October 23rd Philmont is going to be playing a live show that will be streaming live online through Steelroots. Click here to check it out! Well, sorry to cut this short, but I have to go put together a power point presentation for a high schools girls soccer team banquet….weird right? hahah

until next time…


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  1. I’ve always wanted to stay in Nashville, I’ve only ever driven through it. Sounds like a nice place!! I hope that live stream was recorded, I was freezing, wet, and stranded in a resturant in the middle of a freak storm on October 23rd. 🙂

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