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Hello again.

Last Thursday we played our first hour long set! I think it went pretty well, we got to use our new intro and new loops and had five of our new songs mixed in. We play in the Stern Center Gardens at College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. We played just blocks away from where I was born! It’s always nice to go down there and visit and I try to as much as I can. We met a bunch of new friends while we were down there and a few of them took us out to The Mellow Mushroom, which is this rad pizza place that’s scattered around here if you’re not familier with it. Upstairs they had a live, blues-style, band playing. We went up there and caught a few of their songs before our food was ready, they were awesome to watch. Afterwards we all headed back to the hotel and settled ourselves in before our late-night bike ride around the town. We were out until probably 2am and even then only about half of the streets we rode through had called it a night.. I would love to live in this town again someday.

Coming up this weekend we’ll be back in Naperville, IL! We have some great friends up in that area so it’s always such a fun time whenever we can get ourselves out there. Hopefully I’ll beat Josiah in ping-pong, it’s only happened once or twice. And I will not be playing Scott in “sting-pong” which has only happened once. And it’s also a game I’m not going to explain to you. I won’t have you guys all welted up because of me.

Our fall tour is getting closer, be sure to check out our myspace page for all the dates and see if there will be any coming close to you. We’d love to see you guys!

And check out this goodness! This is the only place you can pre-order “The Transition EP” which is set to release October 19th. And it’s the only place to get one of the exclusive T-shirts we have for our kickstarter backers. Among tons and tons of other gifts.

Thanks again guys! See you all next Tuesnight.



  1. Hey yo, WOW, I haven’t commented for the past 3 blogs!!! Ahhhhh!
    Wow, Chucktown. I was going to ask if that’s where Chuck Taylor originally lived and invented my favorite shoe! 🙂
    HUZZAH for an hour long set!!! You guys will be getting more of those, I gotta feeling!
    Praying for y’all! Have an awesome week.

    PS- The EP is coming out JUST FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! I’m STOKED! It’ll be the Best birthday present EVER!

  2. I’m gonna revisit South Carolina one of these days, didn’t get to stay very long last time. Ping-pong is one of the only games I’m okay at, haha! And yay for the hour-long set!! 😀

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