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Hey folks, sorry so late… I just returned to my homestead. Im home for the week until us Philmonts head towards the Chicago area next weekend. As you may have read we had a pretty cool time in Charleston, SC. The show went well, but the fun part was the midnight bike riding all over the city that followed. The cool part was when we kinda got to show some love to some kid by hooking him up with a skateboard that said “Crucified” on it. We were back in a parking lot late getting our bikes out when two young guys approached that had skateboards and seen all our bikes and boards. So we started talking about the band and what we do and skateboarding of course and one had broken his board earlier that evening, so Scott had the idea of giving him one of our extra skateboard Decks we had lying around. Ill be honest, I wanted that extra board but I think it went to a greater cause that this fella received it, who knows if he was saved but we showed him the love that Jesus showed us so who knows what could happen.

After we talked and gave them both a couple of “Oh Snap” we began our enchanted bike ride throughout the beautiful, historic Charles Town. Well, needless to say four guys tearing through town on awesome bikes at night wearing nothing but black skinny jeans and cutting up having a good time.. we looked ” suspicious” and before we knew it we were swarmed by four cop cars and they just wanted to make sure our intentions were not breaking and entering and being hood rats. After we joked around with the polite officers and they realized what we were doing, they informed us areas to avoid for our safety and let us go. What an adventure I’d say.

The Kickstarter still has a few more days left so stay at it! Also call and request our single ” You Will Remain” on your local Christian radio station.. AND go download it on itunes!

Have a great week friends.



  1. Haha how could anyone ever suspect YOU guys of being hoodlums?? Ha hope the rest of your week is fun and intersting as well! :]

  2. heck, that was a funny story! i totally guessed what was gonna happen and started laughing…. big mistake:3 i’m catching a cold *achoo!*

  3. lol well at least the cops are watching out for everyone. I’m so glad you guys gave something of value to someone like that…! That’s so cool. I wish more Christians would give sacrificially, and with the love of Christ the way you guys did. Kudos! 🙂 GBU

  4. Hahaha!! I think it was JRMZ that tweeted about the cops stopping you guys, made me laugh my head off! Though, if it were me I might cry. But anyways. 🙂 Glad you guys got to show some love to those kids…

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