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This week we played a gig at the College of Charleston. The show was a little weird as we were playing in a garden area and everyone was spread out and sitting down but everyone seemed to have a good time and we got the chance to play out one of our new sets. We’re going to have plenty more opportunities to play that new set when we hit the road with Kiros and Children 18:3 later this month for the Mixtape Revolution Tour. New dates are popping up every day so keep an eye out on our myspace site for a show in your area. (
Yesterday I got to go play nine holes of golf with my dad, uncle and grandpa. It was a blast. I hadn’t played in a couple of years and I honestly sucked a lot less than I thought I was going to! I even birdied one of the holes! If you followed me on twitter you may have seen my onslaught of golf-themed tweets and observations. For example, “Golf is a game where nobody ever speaks above a whisper unless they’re swearing”. Is it bad that I almost cut a hole in the thumb of my golf glove to make tweeting and texting easier while I play?
I couldn’t continue with the other guys on the back nine because I had committed to work merch for a band called Ratatat at Amos’ that night. The show was pretty cool- very electronic, rave type setting but they had a ton of cool video/lighting effects. Overall the night was a disaster though. I wound up being there for WAY longer than I anticipated and since I was working for a flat rate I didn’t get paid the longer I stayed. I ended up making like $7.50 an hour which was hardly worth the 3am drive back home. To make matters worse this girl who had had far too much to drink was puking in the trashcan next to my merch table! Ladies—Drinking does not make you cool, cute, funny or attractive!
I spent the bulk of today with Brittany stuffing envelopes with press releases and advance copies of the EP in hopes to get some interviews, reviews, etc on the new album.
I can’t wait for you guys to hear the record! I’m pretty stoked on it!
Remember, our kickstarter campaign is still running until the 10th and any donation you give will be considered a HUGE blessing to our band. Click on the banner below for that link.
Earlier in the week I submitted a pitch to write an article in a publication called “Devozine”. They liked my idea and agreed to let me write the piece! I’m so excited about this. The piece is about standing up for your faith even if that means standing alone. I wrote a bunch in high school and college and am looking forward to getting back into it! I’ll tell you guys where to find the article once it’s published.
That’s it for me- I’ve got some sleep to catch up on then it’s off to the post office with 130 packages to make the workers wish they had just called in sick this Monday!



  1. This whole blog made me smile. :] (see?) haha sorry your night was a bust….but whatevs you have a way cooler job than selling merch for a band who pays pocket lint. And i’m awful at golf. The last time I played my friend took it way to seriously and I kept talking….haha it didn’t I so well. Looking forward to your new EP!!! have a great week!!!!

    Pea-Ess: come to Battle Creek, MI!!! or somewhere close!!! :]

  2. Pea-Pea-Ess: your add thing is WAY cool and honestly looks like the cover of a Rolling Stone….in a good Christian way of course. :]

  3. hey! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for your new EP to come out! I loved the last CD πŸ˜€ (my sister and I listen to it all the time, we first started listening to your music because of JCTV) πŸ™‚ I was wondering if you could please play a show in the Los Angeles area?

  4. Anissa, we are gonna be playing several shows in California in a few weeks! check out our tour dates on Myspace or Facebook!!

    • Really?! πŸ˜€ I’ll go check now!

  5. I was on a road-trip (not far, just Houston) when you were doing all that golfing and your tweets made me and my friend laugh. πŸ™‚ I’m HORRIBLE at golf.
    And I totally agree about the drinking…it’s rather gross. Plus, you’re not yourself when you’re drinking, which is why I’d never want to do it.
    Haha, the only times I’ve done THAT much mail was sending out newsletters and wedding invitations. πŸ™‚

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