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hey ya’ll!
I’m here in Charlotte, getting to pull out in about an hour actually, to head to Charleston, SC for a show tonight. So stoked! I love Charleston so much and I’m sure it’ll be a killer show! I flew into Charlotte Sunday and we’ve been rehearsing every day till now, working out new songs, set lists, and what nots. Everything is sounding so fresh and is going to be so much fun to play live! Its been really great to rehearse, but lately, the more I play drums, the more pain I seem to be in. I’ve had Tendonitis in both my wrist since I was like 16 and over the past few months I’ve noticed it getting much worse than it used to be. For those who don’t know, Tendonitis is basically inflammation of the “housing” that our tendons run through, making it quite painful to move whatever section of your body you have it in. It can actually lead into another condition called Carpal Tunnel which is even more painful. The only real way to fix the problem is surgery, which isn’t an option for me right now. The only thing I can really do to help is not use my wrist, but I’m a drummer so thats a bit tough! Basically the more I use my wrist the worse it gets. I’ll be seeing a doctor later this year to look into my options in fixing my wrists but until then prayers are greatly appreciated! Anyways, After the show tonight we have some more time off, so I’ll be flying back to Nashville Saturday, working on getting some new exciting things ready with my clothing company and chillin’ with some bro’s! We are heading out on tour with Children 18:3 and Kiros at the end of OCT. Should be a pretty cool tour and hopefully most of you can make it out to some shows! Until then, Philmont has some shows here and there so be sure to check and see if we’ll be near you soon! I wanted to remind everybody that our kickstarter isn’t finished yet. I know we’ve reached our goal, but, donations are still welcome! Be sure to click HERE and check out the page and see if you’d be interested in donating! Depending on what you donate, we have different “thank yous” from the band that are pretty rad! Make sure you check it out.

well, sorry this is short but I need to go help clean the bus!




  1. Ouch! I’m praying for you. I’m not a drummer, but I’m a guitarist, and I have Tendonitis. It’s no fun trying to play when your wrists hurt.
    As for the show, I really wish I could be there! But as I can’t, I’ll just have to buy the EP as soon as it comes out. 🙂

  2. Yikes, can’t you wear a brace or anything for it? Oh dear, I hope it doesn’t come to something serious- praying for your wrist!

    • Brittany-in-CA
    • Posted September 30, 2010 at 10:27 PM
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    Hey JRMZ these products might save you a surgery in the future….I use some of their stuff for other problems and they’re helpful. I looked on their website for what would help tendinitis symptoms, and here’s what came up:

    HTH 🙂 GBU

  3. I’m at a computer all day and my wrists have been REALLY sore/achy, but not the pain that you have. I’m sorry! I’m definitely praying for you.

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