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Hello to all.

These past couple of weeks have been exciting for me. My sister just got married!! Congrats to her and my new brother-in-law, Ira. The wedding was beautiful, my mom and everyone who helped her did a fantastic job. I don’t usually enjoy formal events, but I can honestly say I had a blast. Both sides of my family and a lot of my friends came out and I almost never get to see them all at the same time. I sang a tune accompanied by my acoustic guitar while the unity candle was being lit.. I had never sang in front of anyone before so I was incredibly nervous. It’s just not the same when you’re up there without a band backing you up. Shannon and Ira left the morning after the ceremony for Jamaica where they spent their first five days together as a Mr. and Mrs. My parents and I drove out to their house the other day where Shannon cooked us all dinner and we went through all the pictures and videos from their honeymoon. Congratulations you guys!! I love you both.

I know Justin just talked about this.. We have been working hard putting together an entire to setlist for you guys! Once we get it tightened up, our whole set will run smoothly with new loops between songs and a new intro to start it all off.. and of course new songs to fill your eardrums. Tomorrow will be our third day in a row practicing and I must say, I cannot wait to see what you guys think about it.

This fall keep your eyes on our schedule!! We’re going on tour with Kiros and Children 18:3 From mid-October to mid-November! We’re so excited to get back on the road again and to make some new friends. I want to see you all at any show that comes near you.

I know that you guys have seen our many posts about this, but if you haven’t visited this site go check it out now! We reached the minimum requirement for our kickstarter, but anything that gets donated over our minimum can easily be put to good use in our ministry. At least go check out some of the gifts we send out.. the higher the donation, the bigger the gift becomes. This also acts as the pre-order of our new EP, “The Transition EP” set to be released on October 19th. There’s also an EXCLUSIVE philmont t-shirt only available to our kickstarter backers that our friends at Legionnaire Army whipped up for us.

Thanks guys! See you next week!



  1. Congrats on your sisters wedding Josh, that is super exciting! Can’t wait to hear about the setlist, and I’m wondering if you guys get tired of me commenting all the time… đŸ™‚

  2. You’re a good brother and we couldn’t tell you were nervous singing at the wedding. You did beautifully and added that personal touch for Shannon & Ira. Thank you over and over again. I love you.

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