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Hello friends

Today has been gloomy and rainy in the Carolinas. All ive wanted to do since I woke up was stay in my comfy bed listening to the rain, but theres work to be done ladies and gentlemen. Philmont has been working hard all day running through new jams and completely new set arrangement. We have a new arsenal of songs that are almost ready for your personal enjoyment. For the next couple of days we will be tightening up the new songs running through them multiple times until were able to play them in our sleep. I really hope the rain lets up soon because driving the nasty, wet highway to meet up for practice is a drag.

Soon we’re going to have some great video blogs for you precious baby birds. Its been quite some time since we uploaded some vids so hang tight.

Also the Kickstarter has a couple of weeks left, so keep up the work of spreading the word and keep recruiting people by sharing the link to the Kickstarter. Again although we have graciously hit our minimal goal we still have a little way to go.



    • Brittany-in-CA
    • Posted September 30, 2010 at 10:11 PM
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    ‘precious baby birds’..?! lol

  1. Justin, you crack me up. 🙂 But actually, this post made me want to stay in my PJ’s too…although it isn’t raining here. I kinda wanna move to the Carolinas, they’ve always been beautiful when I was there…

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