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Evening friends,

Im enjoying the last warm days here at home and preparing for the cooler Fall days. The leaves have already started to fade and cover the driveway. All of us Philmonts are hopefully enjoying some quality time at home and with friends, I know I have been.

So as you know we hit our goal for the Transition Ep, which is amazing we have the greatest fans and people who support our band. We appreciate each and everyone of you who have donated. The kickstarter will still be up and accepting donations until October 10th at midnight. So if you want some more awesome Philmont memorabilia you can still donate! Everyone still spread the word send the website around to everyone you know! The more ” cheddar” we scrounge up the more Ep’s we can press and we all win in that case!

So everyone keep sending people Philmont’s way and dont stop believing.. i mean keep up the good work!

good night friends!


One Comment

  1. Justin, today was the first time (in a long time) I put on a hoodie. Kinda feels nice. 🙂 I’m quite ready for Fall.

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