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I’m in the Dallas airport next to my sucker of a wife waiting to board a plane back to Charlotte. Why is she a sucker? She’s doomed to spend the next two hours before the flight chatting it up with her new best friend Taylor- a 5-year-old sugar rush traveling with her grandparents who, by my observation, are happy to let the little one bug fellow travelers so they can catch a much-needed break. Unlike my wife, I saw the threat approaching and quickly threw up a defense consisting of a laptop and headphones! Is it wrong of me to leave my wife out there to fend for herself? Is it wrong that I don’t wanna spend my time in the airport answering the question “guess what”? OR is it wrong that Taylor’s favorite set of grandparents couldn’t plan ahead enough to buy a coloring book and pump their little granddaughter full of something besides Mountain Dew and skittles? I’ll let you decide who’s in the red here!

We came to Dallas for a couple of days to watch some friends of ours tie the knot. Britt grew up here and has kept in touch with her friend Chris ever since she moved to NC. A few years back I met chris and his now wife Mo and we became friends as well. They’re great people who’ve always supported us and our band! I wish them both the best! I know they’ll make each other very happy- and they deserve it.
The wedding was fun and it was really nice to have a get-away weekend with Britt. We spend every day together as it is but we never seem to get any time with just the two of us. It was great. (until Taylor stole her from me!)

I’m so excited that Philmont hit our $4,000 goal this week on our Kickstarter campaign! You guys killed that thing! 7 Days?! That’s nuts! We’ll keep the campaign running and people will still be able to donate and grab some fun rewards. Trust me when I say that we have a million great uses for any extra donations so don’t stop posting the link and encouraging your friends to join in and support!
Incase you have no clue as to what I’m talking about here’s that link:

Again, thanks for the support. We should have some fall tour dates posted very soon. We’re going to be touring with Kiros, Children 18:3 and The New Divide!

Next show is at the College of Charleston on Sept 30. It’s free so if you’re in the area come hang out. 6:30 pm at the Stern Center Gardens.

See ya next week!


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  1. Hey, I’d love to donate, but I don’t have a creditcard. Is there any other way to do it?

    And I really think the grandparents made a mistake. But I feel sorry for Britt that she has to deal with the consequences…

  2. Dew and Skittles… i know the result well. that’s me before almost every concert i go to:3 lucky for you, you only see me after i’ve worn myself down in the pit:3
    i’d donate to pre-order the EP, but i’m trying reeeaaally hard not to spend money right now (not working the best as i just purchased another album…) kinda depends on how much money i get next month:3

  3. IMO, the grandparents are at fault. The kid is their responsibility. That’s really sad how so many parents and grandparents don’t know how to keep their little mean, child busy! lol

  4. HAHAHA, Scott! Well, I’m usually on the receiving ends of those kinds of “deals” actually. Maybe Taylor was their only grandchild. Glad you and Britt got to ‘get away’ for awhile. I was in Tulsa and Sherman while you guys were here. More roadtrips! I am bummed I’m not gonna be here when Philmont is back down on 10/30. I shall be in Illinois. :-/ Psyched about the new EP, Kickstarter is awesome!

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