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Hey ya’ll!
Hangin’ out at my lovely home in beautiful PA all week! Its actually cold and rainy, but it was super nice the past week! Been having a great time at home the past few days, hangin’ with my parents and chillin’ with Diesel. Lovin it! My dad and I are leaving tomorrow morning to head down to Nashville. My dad is heading out on tour next week, driving bus for Superchick. I’m so stoked he gets to go out on the road! He loves it! Fun fact: My dad has also driven bus for the Newsboys and Bread of Stone. Pretty rad! Anyways, heading down tomorrow to hang out and relax till he leaves. I personally have a few meetings lined up that I’m stoked about! Should be a productive week while I’m there. I’ll fly back to Charlotte on the 26th to meet up with the guys, get some much needed rehearsal in, and play a few shows. Been listening to mixes of our new songs this week for our new E.P. Its sounding great. I hope you all love it when it comes out. Anyways, I’m sure you all know by now, but in case you dont, check out this link and see how you can help philmont pay for our E.P. Click Here

(I’m on a different computer and dont have my little picture banner thing that goes here)



  1. Your dad has driven the Newsboys bus!?!?! Jealousy here! Wow… that is awesome! I wish it were cold here in Texas… have a great time at home!

  2. Gee whiz, I wish it was cold and rainy here (TX). And that I was home. Sounds like you’re having a blast, enjoy!! Looking forward to the EP!

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