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Hi friends, Philmont is taking a short break from the road and doing shows to get into crunch mode for the preparations of the new E.P. Its exciting around here, were getting mixes of the songs back and making them sound great. Thats where our new “Kickstarter Campaign” comes in, because getting songs to sounds crystal clear and CD ready takes a special type of skills called “Mixing” and also ” Mastering”. So thats where all of you come in by donating to the Kickstarter so we can get the funds to finish. So many of you have answered the call and donated and we thank you so much! We ask you to keep spreading the word about our fundraiser, tell your youth pastor, tell your friends, tell your grandparents! Maybe Philmont sometime down the road can make everyone cupcakes or something who knows, but there are prize categories on our Kickstarter page so you could get some pretty cool stuff!

So we have less than a month to reach the goal so everyone get your game faces on!

Have a good week friends!




  1. :] I’m so excited!!!

  2. So, you posted on the Kickstarter website about there being cupcakes for everyone. You know people are going to hold you to this, esp since Scott said so. 😀 Get ready!!

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