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Hey everyone,
Coming to you from my cloudy hometown in Northwestern PA, Meadville! No joke on the cloudy part, we get like 60 days of sunlight a year….seriously. Anyways, I was able to fly home last Saturday and make it back in time for my family reunion. I haven’t been able to attend since I started touring back in 2006, so it was long over due! I had such a great time seeing all my family from all over the US, playing games, and eating a TON of food! My favorite part of the whole weekend though, was the monday golf tournament! Its something I used to always look forward to and to be back and finally be able to go golfing with all the guys in my family was a real blessing! I love golfing so much! I’ve actually been searching for a cheap set of clubs to buy because I want to make it a regular hobby of mine! Its soo relaxing! Other than that, I’ve been visiting friends and family and hanging out with my beautiful chihuahua DIESEL! My family has also been working hard on getting everything set up for Ignite Fest 2010 which is held in my back yard! haha

The guys in Bread Of Stone arrived last night (they are playing Ignite) and my baby bro actually is their lighting engineer, so its great to be hanging with him again! Its also great to see the dudes in BOS. Those guys are like brothers to me and its always great to see them and spend some time together hanging out! ya’ll should take a minute and go check out there new E.P. “SATURATE” Its killer!
Other than that, I’ve been getting everything with Scarliet lined up for the Ignite Festival this weekend! its going to be our first ever festival appearance as a company, so I’m a bit nervous to see how it goes! Hopefully we SELL OUT!

Well, its been a great week of seeing family and friends and I’m very blessed to be back home! Its been 4 months since I’ve been able to make it back to PA! WAY TOO LONG!!!! I’ll never go that long again! haha

Oh, be sure to check out this link and see how you can help us (philmont) finish our new E.P. titled “The Transition E.P.”

Well, off to get my hair cut!
aka JRMZ



  1. HAHA HOLY COW, I am so jealous about IgniteFest, it must be awesome to have that in your backyard. I’ve said it a million times, but it’s amazing to me! :)Have a great time at home, it’s awesome being able to BE home and be at work at the same time, haha! 🙂
    Good luck to you all, can’t wait for the new EP!

    • Brittany-in-CA
    • Posted September 11, 2010 at 11:52 PM
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    “there” new EP? Or “their” new EP….? Hmmmm….that’s some food for thought 😉 hahaha c’monnnn JRMZ… ‘dat grammar, will you? 😉

    Hope Ignite went well! 🙂

  2. I really liked PA when I visited there a three years ago!! We visited Gettysburg and surrounding areas then drove through Pittsburgh on our way to Chicago. But while in PA, we went barn-dancing and slept in a friend’s 105 yr. old farm-house in some foggy hills. Loved it!

    Family reunions are a little strange for me, probably because I don’t know a whole lot of my extended family, beyond the usual uncles/aunts/cousins/grandparents. I’ve got a bazillion relatives all over the USA. Whew!

    IGNITE sounds like it was a blast!! And freakin’ cool that it was in your backyard! 🙂

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