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I don’t know if any of you have watched “Wipeout” on abc, but it’s fantastic and incredibly entertaining.

This past week we got to stay with our good friends in Naperville, IL after and awesome show at “The Hub.” We played there exactly one year earlier and hopefully it won’t be that long before we play there again.
We’re leaving tomorrow to play a festival in JRMZ’s backyard in PA! We won’t be out very long this time, but it’s gonna be a blast and we’re all really looking forward to it.

After that we have a some time off for a little while, but I’ll be staying busy. My older sister, Shannon, is getting married on the 18th so everything around my house has been a little crazy. She’s having an outdoor wedding at a beautiful ranch near where we live. I can’t wait to see both sides of my family all together in one place, that doesn’t happen very often. It’ll be a lot of fun!

If you haven’t checked out our new single, “You Will Remain” it’s up on our myspace and available on iTunes!
Have a great week, God bless.



  1. I still want to know about this festival in JRMZ’s back yard, it sounds totally rad!
    Congrats on your sister’s wedding, that is too exciting! Hope the “reunion” is amazing.

  2. Not only have I checked out and bought your new single, but it is so awesome that my dance team choreographed a routine to it. 😀 Thanks for the awesome music!

  3. i love Wipeout lol
    hope you guys have an awesome time at this festival in JRMZ’s backyard!! sounds amazing 🙂 you rockk!

  4. I’m not sure what Wipe Out has to do with this blog, but the Dutch television also broadcasts it, and I love it! 😀

    • Brittany-in-CA
    • Posted September 11, 2010 at 11:44 PM
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    I’ve watched Wipeout. I think I would like it better if they stopped with the ah…’language’. A show like that does NOT NEED to be a PG13. Absolutely unnecessary. I wish they’d just edit it out and make it more family friendly….ugh.

    Hope the festival went well. GBU 🙂

  5. Sometimes I wish I had TV so I could watch all these amazing shows. Congrats on your sister getting married! Saw a few photos you’d been tagged in on FB. What did you sing?

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