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We’re currently driving from Illinois to Charlotte and according to the map it’s all downhill so we should save a ton of money in gas! While I’m obviously joking- think about this. If the world was a perfect sphere any direction you headed would be downhill! (let your brain chew on that for a bit)
While this run was a short one we packed it full of adventure. We started our trip in Nashville where we finished up some last minute tweaks to “The Transition EP”. There ya have it by the way! We, as a band and as individuals, have gone through a lot of changes since our last record and are in a transition period that’s equal parts challenging and exciting! It seemed like an appropriate title so we hope you like it! As for when you can get your mitts on a copy we’re gunning for October 19th!
Plenty more exciting details on EP will be fed to you soon.

After Nashville we had a couple of Illinois shows. The second of which was in New Lennox at the Hub. It was a year-to-date since we last played there and got to see the crowd grow from 15 to about 75! I was stoked to see so many familiar faces. Some of you guys even drove a few hours to be there which means the world to us!
Instead of making the trip home the day after the show, we spent an extra day in Naperville with friends and RYFO members the Hill family. They live 2 short miles from downtown Naperville (great place) so we grabbed up our bikes and rode down…side note: with the addition of my bike we’re now traveling with 4 bikes (soon to be 5)! There are literally more toys than gear in our trailer.

To our surprise Naperville was having a big fair-like shindig for the holiday weekend!

In true child-like fashion, Josh bought some tickets and rode some sketchy carnival ride. The rest of us passed. There’s something about the fact that the ride that wants to “safely” flip me around 50 feet in the air wasn’t there 24 hours ago that weirds me out! No thanks. I like my amusement rides to be cemented into the ground and assembled by an army of educated engineers- not some dude that drove the truck in the night before.
Am I alone in this?!
Later gators!
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  1. I love the EP title! And I’m so excited that it’s coming out soon.

    And when you put it that way… no, you’re not alone. I may never ride one of those rides again.

  2. YES, I’m STOKED for this new EP. Great title, the date will be here before we all know it. Yes, yes yes!
    Glad y’all had a good time Illinois! I’m an RYFO too, wish y’all could stay with us. As for Josh… tsk tsk tsk. 🙂

    and btw youre not alone about the rides, i dont feel secure on fair rides 😛

  4. AWESOME EP name!!
    Can’t wait to hear it!!
    i know it’ll be INCREDIBLE!!!

    i say that about fair rides all the time!! i drive right by our fairgrounds and nothing is there at 8am but by the time i drive back by at 6pm everything is magically ready… NO THANK YOU!!

  5. Yeah, birthday present (mine is the 20th)! Can’t wait to hear it I know it will be great.

    I think a lot of people would agree with you on those rides..yikes!

  6. aaah! i wish i coulda gone to the IL shows! but they were more than 1.5 hrs away from me and i was gone this weekend:( so come to moline, pleeeeeez?
    also – my cell phone contract expires on Oct. 19… i laugh!

  7. Haha, you mentioning “downhill” reminds me of Treebeard in Lord of the Rings. “I always liked going south, somehow it feels like going downhill.” But em, it is true. Or it could be the other way, that everything would be uphill? I dunno, my brain isn’t ready for that exercise.
    I’ve never been to a fair, but while I think it would be fun, I’d probably be leery of the rides too.

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