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Hello everyone!

Just home long enough to get some clothes washed, work a little bit on my bike and help my pops with bundles of projects around the house. Philmont is gearing up for the Fall. We are heading back up to Illinois to do a few shows in the area and see some great friends. I realize that wherever we go we always have great people to catch up with and thats a great feeling to have so many friends around the states. We truly love and appreciate every single one of you! Hopefully I will get my Chicago pizza fix this trip.

Recently Ive been trying to sharpen my artistic side. I have been drawing more in my spare time and contemplating becoming a tattoo artist sometime in my life. I feel like I could conquer that challenge. Also I picked up the banjo and learned the chords and have been “jamming” along to some songs. Its quite enjoyable.

Thats about it for now, I apologize for not posting last week. Love you all!

Now my favorite TV show Pawn Stars on The History Channel is on YES!




  1. You totally should become a tattoo artist ’cause then I’d come and get one. And they make alot of money, kudos to you!
    Oh yes! I hear Uno’s Pizza in Chicago is the best pizza anywhere! Is that what you meant?
    I loved the video Sara showed me of you drawing on the drumheads in Garland! Great job on the giraffe!

  2. !! where in Illinois? I live in Michigan and I really wanted to see one more show this summer. and the Banjo? that’s fantastic. I hope that you have a great rest of the summer. and btdub, Giordanos is the BEST in Chicago. :] have fun!

  3. Can I just say…the title of this blog made me bust up laughing?? lol

    Na don’t get into tattoo art. All that stuff doesn’t have good roots. Use your talents for something that doesn’t have a funky history….um…like painting a huge mural on Burnie or something 😉 haha


  4. hey! woah…its been a while since i did this lol =P thats so cool that u been playing the banjo,ive heard its really hard to play , and i think its awesome that u have been drawing, im an Artist,im going to college for Graphic Design , good luck on the whole gettin ur Chicago pizza , bring me back some lol L8r =P

  5. wile your here, why not do a show

  6. New Lennox isn’t close enough in IL for me to come, my mom won’t drive me, and i don’t have a drivers liscence. i keep forgetting to say this – COME TO MOLINE! (or Davenport… QC is great… or Princeton, or Peru, or Peoria, or Kewannee, etc.)

  7. haha banjo XD you should play a song on youre banjo at a show, ever thought of that? 😀 and i think you would be an awesome tattoo artist, youre like insane on the artistic side!

    p.s. my dad LOVES Pawn Stars! XD and American Pickers lol

  8. I’m still amazed by your uber cool TOMS shoes that you drew on. And the drumhead drawings were pretty groovy. 🙂
    The banjo is so awesome. 🙂 It’s cool you’ve picked it up! I love hearing Cripple Creek on it. Well, I also rreeelllyyy love it in “The Outsiders” by Needtobreathe!

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