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Hey Guys!
first off, I’m sorry i’m not super creative with my blog titles, I dont know where the other guys come up with em, but I’m not as creative as them! hahaha


Coming to you from Nashville, enjoying time off after our last run. While the rest of the crew is back at their homes in Charlotte, I’m here hanging out with my girlfriend and all my Nashville peeps! Getting some Scarliet Clothing stuff done for next weekend! My uncles church puts on a festival in PA called Ignite Fest and Scarliet is going to have a booth set up, so I’ve been busy prepping for all of that. The Ignite fest should be rad! It was a huge success last year with over 4,000 people showing up the last night. This year Philmont is performing as well as Stellar Kart, Wavorly, Jon Reuben, Disciple and many more! Funny fact about this festival, Its in my back yard! I dont mean that figuratively….I mean its LITERALLY in my back yard! It will be so great to see my family, friends and my Chihuahua!!! Its been almost 4 months since I’ve seen them….WAY TOO LONG! Other than that, we are finishing up our E.P. and hopefully it will be out soon! I’m stoked on it and hope you guys love it! Well, time to go hit the back porch with Britt and Bella!




  1. you must have a big back yard…? lol

  2. gosh… wish i had a music festival in my backyard… that would be epic:D

  3. STELLAR KART, AND JON REUBEN!?!?! I’m just officially jealous! Man, what a great lineup! \
    HAHA, like everyone else, can you please explain what you mean by back yard? 😀 That is the bomb diggety. Lucky dog!
    Have a great week too.

  4. Cool! It’s really in your backyard? I wish I could go to any music festival, but it must be great that it’s so close to home 😛 Have fun!

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