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Hello hello hello! I write to you today from Dallas TX, where we are playing a show tomorrow. This afternoon we were fortunate enough to swing by the excellent Power FM station here and hang out on the air for a while. We are really looking forward to the show tomorrow night!

Today I bought a new wallet at Marshall’s. The concept of buying a wallet has always struck me as interesting. Not that I have a problem with it, it’s just strange to think about trading something (money) for a thing meant to hold/carry that very something (wallet). It would be like trading someone a bunch of folders and documents, and getting a briefcase in return; or like trading a baby for a stroller. Anyway, it’s always made me ponder.

The new Brian Wilson album came out Tuesday, and I am pretty happy with it. It is a collection of covers/reinventions of George Gershwin songs (Gershwin was a pop composer in the 1930s), given a Californian, Beach Boys-esque spin. For the dude to be 63 years old, he is on a creative plane far beyond most of his contemporaries.

If you get bored during the day, check out the online game Bubble Shooter. Josh introduced it to me the other day, and it is pretty addictive. Definitely capable of distracting you for a good chunk of time.

We had an amazing time in Tulsa on Monday, playing at Victory Christian Church right across from Oral Roberts University. Got to play for a sizeable crowd of really cool people, and more importantly got to sit in on a revival-esque worship service / message that got all of us really amped up. Basically the sermon revolved around the idea that we should be willing to do as much for our God as non-believers are willing to do for their “gods”. The speaker, Jentezen Franklin, started off with the Bible story of God asking Abraham to take his son Isaac up to a mountain to sacrifice him. Abraham showed great faith, and was planning on carrying out the Lord’s request; fortunately, God sent an angel to stop Abraham just before he killed Isaac, promising Abraham abundant blessings for his commitment to God. Around this time, the pagans who worshipped false gods were constantly sacrificing children and possessions to their idols; though they were foolish for believing in these gods, their commitment level was through the roof. They were ready to do anything at the drop of a hat in order to please their deities.

Today in modern America, people have their own “gods” that they worship or that control their lives, whether it be money, drugs, sex, or whatever else. God sees these people, and what they are willing to sacrifice in service to these idols. Then he looks at us. We, who stand and stare blanky during praise & worship; who won’t bring up our faith in conversations with non-believers; who get grumpy when we have to park our cars farther away from the church entrance than normal – you realize that a sports fanatic would not be phased by having to park a mile away from the stadium on game day, right? Why do we treat church like such a chore? Unlike the heathen world, we serve the ONE true God, and He is eagerly seeking those who are willing to commit to Him in the ways that we commit to everyday fleeting things whose importance pales in comparison to our Lord. Paul wrote “I rejoiced when I heard them say ‘Let us go to God’s house today’”; church is not meant to be a ritual or an obligation, it is meant to be a celebration, something exciting. This message definitely hit me hard, and I hope you are able to apply it in some way as well.

While I’m here, let me remind you that our brand new song “You Will Remain” is up on iTunes now!! Please go check it out! You can listen to it on our Myspace first if you’re not convinced yet. We will be announcing a title and release date for the EP very soon; get excited! Have an awesome week.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “You Will Remain” by Philmont

2. “Summertime” by Brian Wilson

3. “Baba O’ Riley” by The Who




  1. Welcome back to Dallas. Home of the scorching sun. Thanks for the encouragement and the conviction brought through this blog. Also. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

    Zug zug zug.

  2. Josiah, you just made my day! haha! :] and thanks for sharing what the church service was about…I love it when you guys do that! Everything you post makes me think…and I love that! :] oh and btw, the new song…AMAZING! :]

  3. Jentezen Franklin has some great teachings! Thanks for the lengthy update, Josiah 🙂 Have a good show!

  4. That’s a really good reminder. I struggle with sharing my faith alot; thanks for sharing that.

    Oh, btw, I’m seriously addicted to Bubble Shooter right now. 😛

  5. 😛

  6. Amazing message I see – and sadly true!! If a whole generation of bold movers moved up what a world it would be :o) 9BTW – I prefer Gem XL to bubble popper I am addicted..and it is sad)

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