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Hi guys!

We’re currently in the state of the “Big OK”.. Oklahoma that is, Tulsa to be exact. Were hanging out with our long time bud and RYFO supporter Andrea! She is a rad chick and her and her family are dear to our hearts. Its been a long 10 hour drive from Nashville but what a beautiful day watching the sunset as we chased it over the western horizon. I actually enjoyed driving today, my ipod had a great shuffle and I had a $5 sub which lasted me until dinner.

I am officially done with my part of recording as of this morning. I finished a few backing vocals and we now have only one more song for Scott to sing on. This morning myself, Jo, Jerm and Jordan from StellarKart did some pretty sweet gang vocals and loud obnoxious yelling. It sounded killer and I am so ready for everyone to hear this record.

Tomorrow we have a show here in Tulsa then we head to Dallas! Cant wait to see a bunch of friends!

Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. You guys are 5 hours away! I’m so excited for Dallas! I’m hoping, maybe, to hang out with all of you some before the show. *crosses fingers* If it works out with y’all’s schedules. Oh, but it’s dreadfully hot here. I love sunsets, even hot ones.

    Yay for being done with recording! Jeremi’s tweet from this morning made me laugh. 😉

    See you all soon!

  2. WOOHOO, I’m stoked about y’all coming to my lovely home town! How awesome… I can’t wait to hear the new stuff, either, it’s gonna be amazing! With a Stellar Kart member too!

  3. You guys really need to come play in VA Beach or Chesapeake soon!

    Yay!! I can’t wait to hear the new stuff! You Will Remain is amazing.


  4. Thx for coming to Tulsa! U guys were very Awesome! If u feel like coming back to Tulsa let us know Guts Church’s Sub30 would LOVE u to come out Can’t wait to get ur cds :).
    Prob. ur newest fan,
    Christina VP

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