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Happy Sunday-
This will be my third attempt at posting a blog for you this weekend. While I wish that I could place the blame on a lack of Internet or technical issues the truth is I fell asleep halfway through my two previous posts! It’s been a long couple of days and needless to say the coveted “Z’s” have alluded me. But now I’m refreshed from a long nap and ready to blog away!
First things first- our brand new single “You Will Remain” hit iTunes yesterday and is now available for you to download! So go get that if you haven’t already! It’s definitely the number 1 way you can support us right now! That single will be going to CHR radio on September 3rd so if you have a station in your area (K-love, Air1, etc) get your dialing fingers ready to call in once we give you the go-ahead. If you’re lucky enough to have a Christian Rock Station in your area remember that our song “Back Down” was recently released to them so let ’em know you wanna hear it!
Well that was a lot if business but now that it’s out of the way I’d like to say that I hate that I never get to go to church. We’re always traveling on Sundays and while podcasts and books are great to have, it’s just not the same. When I do get to go it makes me appreciate it all the more.
We’re gonna be all over the country over the next few days. We’re in route from Orlando to Nashville, Tulsa is next followed by TX and Springfield, IL! If you look at our schedule one could easily come to the conclusion that Philmont does not own a map! We do own a map- all this driving is for you guys though. I think one day we should have a NC show and fully expect all of you to drive across the country to see us! (speaking of that- a couple friends flew from Michigan to Florida and planned their trip around our schedule so they could catch both of our shows- Amazing!)
As everyone has been telling you, we’re hard at work in the studio- from a vocal standpoint this is the hardest I’ve ever worked on a record and I’m super stoked with the way it’s turning out. I do, however, hate when bands spend weeks talking up their records then your expectations get so high that the final product could never live up to them. To avoid that, every week until the release, while everyone else will blog about how great the new stuff is, I’ll help level you out by cutting it down and therefore managing your expectations! That being said…the new stuff is okay…I guess…if your into that sort of thing…

Until next week!
*Blog from phone= no fancy picture so instead…




  1. Got the single and i’m listening to it now. We will get your song “Back Down” on our airwaves asap. Looking forward to your next release. How about a concert sometime at North Greenville guys?

  2. yes! Springfield! Yes! i’m planning on being there:D and i really should get the new single… depends on how much money i have after next sunday… 😀

  3. YEAH TEXAS! I’m stoked! Love the new single, it blows my mind!

  4. MAN…I was just in Springfield like a couple months ago. We always just miss you guys! Next time you go barreling through Los Angeles, try to stop long enough to come to my church, k? 🙂 Hang tuff! GBU all

  5. AND HOLY MOLY, “You Will Remain” is AWESOME! Just thought I’d let you guyses know. 🙂

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