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Hey urrrbuddy! Today is a good day. I am currently sitting in the Brown Owl studio in Nashville, where our very own Jeremi Hough is preparing to drop beats on the 4 remaining EP tracks that do not have drums on them yet! The first is one that we have been playing live for a while now, “The Alchemist”. It is possibly our most rocking song ever. We have narrowed down our EP titles to a few choices; we will be announcing the title, the tracklisting, and the release date very soon!

Out of obligation to the memory of my guitar, I must remind you that we are still accepting donations via Paypal (account to donate to:, and we will be selling raffle tickets for my broken PRS at the next few shows! Hopefully, with your help, I will have a replacement soon.

Summertime is soon coming to a close. I am actually really excited about the Fall; summer was nice, but it was dang hot. And not having A/C in my car, I was unable to enjoy the warmth of the sun in a tolerable capacity. Definitely looking forward to it cooling off some…so I can wear jackets!

We recently added a lot of August shows in the South, be sure to go check out the dates at our new and improved Myspace page!

Man, I am blanking on what else to talk about. Usually I am a ramblin’ machine; I guess it’s because my week has pretty much been crammed with studio time and not much else. The big story in the Philmont camp is definitely the new music. It sounds really really great so far; we can’t wait until all of you can listen as well. I’m gonna go ahead and call it a blog!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Doubt Full” by New Found Glory

2. “So Long, Astoria” by The Ataris

3. “Andvari” by Sigur Ros




  1. Can’t wait for the new music! Glad everything is going well. Have a great time finishing the recording! 🙂

  2. Texas counts as south right? I mean they were in the Confederacy, so i’m going to with yes. either way, you’re coming to TX and i’m pretty stoked. A little upset though,because i haven’t finished LOST! i think i got to half way through season 4…so close..

  3. Yup, definitely agree, can’t wait for you guys to come to Texas. I’m uber stoked for the new EP, keep the news coming! Sorry about your AC… that’s not cool at all. My friend’s AC broke too… but in their house.
    Keep on keepin’ on!

  4. OMG!! im so excited about the new music , i want to hear it so bad , idk if i can wait lol im just really happy for u guys , 🙂 L8r 😀

  5. Keep us posted!

    I for one wish the warm weather would continue…it’s been a weird summer here. Like, in June for a few weeks it was cold like early spring….then it happened again this past week! I’m like OMGosh! Summer, please stay!! lol

  6. This summer seemed far too short and way too hot. 🙂 It’s like it tried cramming it all into a couple of weeks. We’ve been in the 100’s for two or three weeks. I’m also looking forward to Fall. But not really winter.

    The new Myspace is CHILL!! I like it a lot! Thanks for answering ’bout your guitar! Can’t wait to see you all again this weekend in Garland. Hope I can get some more chatting time in. 🙂

    Oh btw, you should add a fourth song to your “to buy on iTunes” list…your new single! 😉 It’s pretty awesome, btw, I love it!

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