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“What’s that, an amazing new music genre?” I know that’s what you were thinking when you read the title to this blog and sadly, that’s just not the case. I’m referring to the awful sound my brakes have been making. Unfortunately this is not one of the things in my life that can just fix itself so I did what any responsible young man would do.. I sent my brother to the mechanic this morning to get that taken care of. I had a blog to write.

I know you all have been hearing a lot about us putting out a new EP. While we still haven’t settled on a title on the EP itself , we will be releasing our first single, “You Will Remain” to radio within the next couple of weeks. We plan to make all 6 songs available to you in mid September. Also, for anyone who doesn’t have access to a radio station that will be playing our singles, we will put at least one of them onto our brand new myspace . Check it out!!!

Here in just a few hours we will be leaving for Nashville to try and get a little more tracking finished. Then it’s off to Florida for Philmont. We have a few shows down there and we’ll get to see a lot of our friends and make a lot of new friends! So come out to the shows and hangout with us.

Not too much to write about this week, so I’ll stop now and leave some things for the other guys. If you don’t already, but sure to follow us on Twitter ! Thanks a lot guys. I’ll see you next week.



  1. AH JOSH, so stoked about the new EP, it’s going to be uh-mazing. HAHA, you sound like me… I would send my brother instead too!
    Hope to see you guys in Garland!

  2. I can’t wait to see you guys when you come to Florida!!!

  3. Eeep! I hate that screeching brake noise. Good idea, sending your brother. If I had my siblings around, that’s what I’d do.

    I can’t wait to hear the new EP!! I’m loving “You Will Remain”!! Really! It’s a great reminder to me to be patient and trust God.

    See you guys in Garland!

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