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So I’ve been sitting at my computer for a good 10 minutes repeating the following phrase to myself, “What do I blog about?”
And since I’ve yet to come up with an answer to this question, I have decided to just start writing. I used to be really into creative writing when I was younger (couple that with my love for theater and I was a prime target for anyone who was looking to do some bullying). Once I even went to a weeks worth of classes in the summer that focused on writing…hmm, voluntarily taking classes during the summer? Man, it’s taking all I have to not beat my own self up right now! Anywho….one of the techniques they taught us for getting past writers block was called “stream of consciousness writing” wherein you would just write whatever came to your mind as it came to your mind- no matter if it made sense. This was supposed to get your pen moving and you writing…even if you would up writing a load of crap that no one would want to read. So there’s the set up…the following will be my stream of consciousness blog…

My back is sore. It seems that no matter how comfortable a chair is or how I’m positioned in it I’m always uncomfortable…I wonder if there’s a medical condition that covers that…I should check Web MD after I’m done with this blog. I have band aids on both my right index finger and my right thumb and it’s making it hard to type…It especially makes it hard to type on my phone. They’re on there because I’ve been a life-long nail bitter and, while I’ve managed to kick the habit over the last couple of years, these two fingers have recently gotten away from me. The band aids are a way to hide my fingernails from my teeth and give them a fighting chance of growing back. I feel like me and Britt wash our sheets like every week. Is that the norm? I suppose it should be since you spend a good chunk of your life drooling on them each week. If it is normal then I’m immediately ashamed of the lack of sheet washing that went on while I was in college. I think I probably only washed them at the end of each semester…gross. Why is it that when you’re with a group of people or in a public place that when someone elses phone rings you check to see if it’s yours even though it’s not even the same as your ringtone. Am I the only one that does that? Another thing that everyone usually does is smile when they’re taking a picture of people smiling…seriously. I’m in my fair share of smiley pictures and it’s as if the photographer is afraid they’ll be caught in the reflection of someone’s eyes not smiling- wouldn’t want that now would we. I often wonder about how many of other peoples’ pictures I’m in. Not photo-bombing or anything just genuinely walking by and get snapped in the background. It weirds me out that I may be posted up on someone’s fridge in the background of their picture- they’d see me every day when they went to grab a snack and have no idea that I’m inadvertently blogging about them now. On a similar note I watched the movie “Valentine’s Day” last night for the first time. It consists of a bunch of different story lines that are all intertwined. I wonder how often that happens in real life and we don’t ever notice it. I’ve been reading the classic novel “Fahrenheit 451” it’s a book that was written in the past that’s about the future. I love how it’s not even close to how things are! I bet it would blow the author’s mind to see what it’s actually like today…Here’s a bit of irony- the book is about how in the future books are obsolete and offensive so they become illegal and must be burned– but I’m in the future reading the book. Why is it that I can only read about 30 pages before I get super restless and have to move onto something else but I would be completely content to sit and play Call of Duty online all day. That’s pretty sad. But hey, my rank has moved up to 56 out of 70! Before you judge me too harshly just know that Justin Sams is a 70 out of 70 so there!
I think I annoy people with pictures of my dog in the same way that people annoy others with pictures of their babies. If you look through my phone every other picture (literally) is of my dog…usually sleeping. Here’s the latest installment:

I just realized how much of my blog is apparent in this photo- first the picture of my dog but also, we’re watching “Valentine’s Day” on my computer at the time the picture was taken AND if you’ll notice, we’re laying on a blanket because the sheets are in the wash! Boom! Full-circle!

Well this was fun- I dunno why but I feel like I’ve shared a good bit with you folks this week! Hope you don’t think I’m too weird after reading this.
That is all…



  1. haha! You aren’t weird…you are awesome! :] That blog most definitely made me laugh! :] haha! This is like one of my fav blogs, cuz its just what you are thinking! Plain and simple. Its fun to see what other people are really thinking sometimes! :]

  2. haha you rock Scott

  3. Well, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who’s mind jumps from random thought to random thought without warning.

  4. ah..wellllll….as for the back pain…try a chiropractor! I don’t know what I’d do without mine! 🙂

  5. Great blog scott..I enjoyed reading it despite its’ length.

  6. Omg i loved ur post..made me smile , i needed it =D love this pic of ur dog i take tons of pics of my dog Gizmo =) hope ur week is good ,L8r

  7. WOW! Long blog, but a good one!

    One of my sister’s friends said that men’s minds are like waffles, thoughts go from square to square and each one gets filled and finished. Whereas women’s minds are like spaghetti noodles, ideas and thoughts going every which way, ending and beginning abruptly and intertwined or stuck together. I dunno, that was just something I thought of when reading your blog. 🙂

    Oooh, I bite my nails too. It was Sister Bear’s (from the Berenstain Bears) fault. She bit her nails in one book, and I wondered what it would be like. That was 11 years ago. I’m getting better though. I wash my sheets every two or three weeks. Hey, I’m usually clean when I get in bed…

    I think the reason that photographers smile is to reassure their photographees AND because people usually mimic other people’s facial expressions. But that is an interesting point, along with the background photo thing.

    I’ve a mind to write one of these blogs too…hmmm…

  8. BEST blog EVER! :0)

  9. hahaha! very entertaining! u should write more of these 😀

  10. haha love the blog even though it was a bit lengthy. it was so random, which i like!! haha hope your back feels better, i struggle with shoulder pains 😛 and your nail bitting habit maayyy get better… mine did 😀 i think its good to wash your sheets every week because if you havent washed them in a while, youre like… laying in your own germs/sweat/drool (like you said haha)/dirt etc. haha.
    loovve the pic of your dog, its adorable!! i take tons of pics of my dogs too!! one of my dogs is currently in the “cone of shame” so i cant resist taking pictures of him xD hahaha

    anyways.. i feel like this is a long comment. do you guys even read these? LOL love you guys 🙂

  11. Ha way to throw justin under the bus!

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