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Sorry for not posting yesterday! it was actually storming sooo bad and the internet was down! Anyways, I’m sure you’ve heard about our adventures with traveling to and from Canada by now! It was a crazy week. We did play a show at Seaside Heights, NJ, where Jersey Shore takes place. I LOVED the boardwalk there! So much to do! I really hope to make it back out sometime….it was soo much fun! MTV was actually there filming season 3 of the show, so we had a few “Celebrity” sightings. Saw a few cast members of the show wandering around. I personally don’t watch the show, but I’ve always wanted to run into a TV or Film celebrity in person, and finally had it go down! Anyways, after the Jersey show we had a 10 hour drive back to Charlotte. I got up the next day and flew here to Nashville, where I’ll be till the 13th! I’m here hanging with some of my best bro’s and helping my girlfriend move into a newer, bigger apartment! Fun stuff. I’m also scheduled to hit the studio on the 12th to drop some beats and finish up our new E.P.! I’m soo stoked! Its going to be rad!

Well, thats all thats going on! Hope everyone has a killer weekend!




  1. glad to hear that everything went well! :] haha I love all your exclamation points. they just make the blog all the better. I seriously cannot wait for your guy’s new EP!!!

  2. Ah, I LOVE storms!! Send some to Texas, will ya please? Glad you guys had fun in NJ! I’ve never seen the show either, didn’t know who Snooki was… 🙂

    Have fun in Nashville!!! (glad to have the clarification, I didn’t know if “nashvegas” was Nashville or Las Vegas”, I didn’t grow up in the USA, gimme a break!) 🙂 Excited to hear the new stuff and hope to see you guys again in two weeks!!

    And I echo Kelsey, your exclamation points make me smile!

  3. glad you guys are having fun!! scotty, you are amazing!! 😀 ❤

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