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So Canada has been beautiful thus far. The trip to get here, however….no so beautiful. If you’ve been following me or any of the guys in the band on Twitter you’re caught up to speed. For those of you who are out of the loop let me fill you in. The trip began with a bad transmission in Burnie which equates to a $3,200 repair and no bus till next week. In lieu of our comfy bus we packed all of us and all of our gear and merch into two small cars for the 10 hour drive to New Jersey. We got there around 2 am and sat in the airport till we could check in. From there we caught a plane to Detroit, MI. The flight was running about 2 hours behind but were still able to catch our connecting flight to Minneapolis. That flight was also late in taking off and unfortunately resulted in us missing our final connecting flight to Edmonton. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Delta put us up in a nice hotel and paid for a decent dinner. After about 30+ hours of zero sleep we were all very glad to spread out and pass out! We caught another flight in the morning. While we were waiting at the gate we saw Josiah’s pedal board being loaded into the plane via one of those conveyor belts. We were stoked to know that our luggage had kept up with us. We were not stoked however to watch it twist, spin and fall about 8 feet off of the belt to the ground! Luckily his road case was unscathed! Props to Brady over at for building one heck of an indestructible case!
After that it was smooth sailing to the conference here.

I’m happy to also announce that last night’s show was the first time in the last 4 weeks that my voice has been back to normal. As you know I got really sick early in the month and had a bad cough. I went to a voice specialist last week and found out that I have nodules on my vocal chords as a result of being sick and continuing to sing night after night. I was given some meds and had to make an appointment for some physical/speech therapy and I was told to rest and not to sing for a few weeks. (I did all but one of those things…can you guess which one?!) I’m so excited to have my voice back for these shows and our upcoming studio time!

Well I’m off to Wal-Mart to pick up some essentials. Until then, check out our new MySpace layout! See you all again soon!



  1. Good luck you guys! And have a great time over there!

    Hope to see you soon (perhaps a European tour?!) 😛

  2. Scott!!! awww sorry all that stuff happened to u guys, but im glad some good stuff happened to 😀 im really happy ur voice is back YAY! hope everybody is doing awesome and i hope u guys can get Burnie fixed soon ,L8r 🙂

  3. GAH! Poor Burnie. I’m glad you guys made it out there finally, though.

  4. Sounds like the devil really didn’t want you in CA!! Guess you showed him who’s boss! haha. Hope the travels home are uneventful and safe. Love you guys. Give my son a hug for me. 🙂

  5. Glad the Canada experience was mostly good! Travels are always stressful, esp when missing flights, luggage not arriving, etc. Glad Josiah’s board didn’t break. Did you all get your own rooms at the hotel?

    I was in Canada for about two weeks one time, and y’know how half of what you read is in English and the other half in French? Well after being there for so long, when we got back into the States, we’d only read half of something and assume the other half was French. Took awhile…

    Glad your voice is doing better!! And the new Myspace ROCKS!!

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