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Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last blog, hopefully none of you are too angry at me. And yes, I realize it’s not Tuesday, but I’m home now so i figured i owed you guys an update. We’ve played a couple festivals and venues since I talked to you last, but I’ll try to leave some topics for the other guys to talk about.

We played a festival for the first time this year called “Hills Alive” in Rapid City, South Dakota. Which just so happens to be where my girlfriend was born. Her mom still has family living out there and they planned a roadtrip out to SD to visit them at the same time as the show. They let us come inside for showers and even had breakfast for us before we had to head out to the stage. It was great to be able to meet Kyleigh’s grandparents and spend a little bit of time with them. Thanks Nana and Papa for the hospitality and for coming out to the show to see us! It means a lot to me. And thank you Jana for making the long drive out there, love you guys!

After that we had an incredible show in Topeka, Kansas. I’ve never seen kids so excited about a show before. They had this contest to see who could build the best cardboard guitar, so in the middle of our set we stopped and judged the contest. There were some fantastic creations, I was blown away with the amount of effort these kids put into them. Great job guys! Then, for our last song, “I Can’t Stand to Fall” they brought out probably 1,500 inflated balloons and threw them on the stage and into the crowd. There was nothing but bright colors everywhere, it was quite an experience.

I’ve missed you guys for the past couple weeks, hopefully I’ll have internet every single Tuesday from now on!

And you guys need to go here and vote for our music video that we have out for “Back Down.” Tell all your friends!




  1. YAY Josh!!! I am so bummed your Texas show was canceled, I REALLY want to meet you guys… my friend Sara was in SD for your show and she said you guys totally rocked, so try your hardest to make it back to TX, where one of your biggest fans lives (me).
    BTW, I voted for you guys, that is totally awesome! Hope you guys get that.

  2. Josh!!! we could never be angry at u 🙂 thats so cool , i wish i could have seen the cardboard guitars , sounds awesome ,the balloons sound great 2 ,:D hope i can come and see u guys live sometime,:P l8r

  3. Ah, this makes me smile, since I remember you talking about not posting a blog in forever! Haha, but no, we couldn’t be mad. It’s enough that you guys do write in, that’s pretty cool.

    Twas great meeting all of you in SD! I was super excited to be there. 🙂 I think I did see your girlfriend walking about (based on your profile pic on FB), she’s lovely!

    Kansas sounded awesome! Wish I’d been there to see that!

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