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What’s up guys! As many of you may have been reading (via tweets and FB and such) we are in the studio working on new stuff! This new stuff is going to be part of a new EP that we are going to be releasing in the Fall! So, plenty to get excited about. This week we worked on two songs – “Ringing In My Head” and “The Last Song I Sing”. The former is a jammin’ pop/rock tune, the latter is a stripped-down, acoustic-driven ballad in the vein of The Terminal or The Ascension. We are all super stoked to eventually let you all hear these songs; hopefully the time will come soon! So anyway, I’ve been here in Nashville all week doing work on this stuff, and it has been a blast. Until today, I hadn’t shaved in weeks, resulting in possibly the longest my beard has ever grown; alas, I extinguished it today, and I feel like a new man!

Tomorrow is going to be less fun, however, as we make the grueling 16-hour drive straight up to Minnesota for Sonshine Festival. Granted, this is one of our favorite festivals and we can’t wait to play, but it sure would be nice if it were closer!

Ooh yeah! The great thing about Sonshine Fest this weekend is that it will be my first chance to play my brand new Egnater Renegade amp at a show. Last week in L.A. we stopped by Egnater HQ to pick it up, and the people there are very cool. They gave me a slammin’ deal on the amp, and even threw in a slipcase to keep it shiny and clean. After L.A. we came straight here to Nashville, so being the impatient person that I am, I spent an hour digging through the trailer to pull out one of our 2×12 cabs and my guitar so I could test out the Renegade. So I’ve been sporadically playing on it throughout the week, and the thing sounds smooth as butter! Definitely gonna add a lot to my “sound” live. 

Keep your ears peeled, because soon we hope to announce some awesome touring plans for this Fall. We are gonna try to hit up every area of the country, including yours! So be sure to check back often for tour dates. Here are some songs for you to check out. Enjoy your week!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:

1. “Cover Your Eyes” by Children 18:3

2. “The River” by Good Charlotte

3. “Are You A Hypnotist?” by The Flaming Lips




  1. YAYA JOSIAH!!! I’m so excited about your new amp, it’s gonna totally bring down the house! 🙂
    Keep up the great work on the new tunes, I cannot WAIT to hear them! 🙂
    Have a good safe time at Sonshinefest!

  2. I’m so psyched for the new EP!!! Is it gonna be up for sale….? or is it just going to be on the radio? either way, I can’t wait! :]

  3. Omg i cant wait to hear the new music…i know its going to be epic =D L8r

  4. If it’s all the same to you, Josiah, I think I’d prefer to keep my ears UN-peeled 😉 haha thanks for the update!

  5. Excited about the new EP!!! And SUPER glad to hear the new amp is working out splendiferously!! I hope you took a photo of your beard before you shaved it off. Those kinds of things are always fun to look at in later years. Stay safe whilst driving, praying for all you guys. I’m super hoping you guys come to Texas at some point (sad to hear August got canceled), but because you aren’t coming here, I’m coming to South Dakota to see you all on Saturday!! Yay!

  6. You should have posted a picture of you and your arm-lenght beard 😛 No plans to come back to the Netherlands so far :(?

  7. Congrats Josiah on your new amp ! I’m happy for ya ! Well, school is gonna start next month & i was wandering if y’all are gonna come back to Metrolina ChrIstian sometime, maybe on September 23 for my birthday ?(: haha. Well, keep on rocking Phimont ! We love youu !<3

  8. Can’t wait for the new music! I’m pretty positive you won’t make it to my part of the country though (an island in Alaska; iTunes is taking your music everywhere :P).

  9. Hey, thanks for coming up to Sonshine! It was great seeing you guys again, since you’re not up here too often. Plus, you and Children 18:3 were back-to-back, so that was an extra bonus. 🙂 Hope you make it up again soon. ^_^

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