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Hello everyone,

Long time no see, dont ya say? Philmont is back on the east coast. We had an amazing time in California. Spirit west coast went really well. We met some awesome new friends and caught up with a few great old ones! We played the Air1 stage before Family Force Five, and had a really great crowd. The rest of the evening and next day we sold merch and got to hangout and mingle with friends and new fans. At the same time I started loosing my voice and Scott started to come down with a bad cough/cold. It was bad news from there. Throughout the next few days I had no voice and poor Scotty was miserable but we managed to make the best of our trip. Josiah’s family were awesome they lived in walking distance of the beach and we all rode bikes everyday and went on sight seeing adventures, all that sounds like its out of a brochure but I tell no lies here, it happened and I cant wait till next time we’re in the area.

Unfortunately we had to cancel a show in El Centro, California last minute because of sicknesses. We promise to make it up to 95.3fm The Edge and all those good people over there.

While we were in LA we picked up an amplifier for Josiah which im sure he will tell you all about. We stayed the night in Venice beach the night before and Jeremi, Josh and I took a walk to the pier, and I saw what Im pretty sure was an actor Ive only seen in a few things but he plays a nerdy character. Im still going to stand by what I saw, as soon as I figure out his name ill update you folks.

My voice is back, got a new computer!..well Brit got a new computer and I bought her old macbook! …big shout out to her and Scott for the great deal! Scott is about 100%, Jo and Jerm are in Nashville laying down some tracks, were heading back to join in on that party and then head to a few festivals!

I hope everyone has a great week!



  1. Aww, I’m sorry you were sick Justin… it’s not cool!I’m glad you guys are better though! Can’t wait to hear that who the actor was!!! 🙂
    Miss you guys! Come to Texas when you can!

  2. JUSTIN!!!!! awww im sorry u we’re sick =( glad ur feeling better *hugs* i hope u figure out who that actor is , cause now i wanna know so bad lol well thats all i can think of right now lol L8r =D

  3. EVERYONE’S an actor in good ol’ southern California. Didn’t you know that?! 😉 It’s about as commonplace as Waffle Houses in Georgia! hahaha…I’m glad to know you guys are feeling better! GBU

  4. I’m so sorry for y’all ! 😥 I’m glad you’re better !(: & congrats for you Justin for your “new” computer ! I love my MacBook ! 🙂 well, keep on rocking !(: I love you Phimont !

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